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Monday, August 22, 2016

Is That Budweiser Vegan?

Bethlehem City Council member Michael Colón (with an ó, damn it!) volunteers every year at Veg Fest, and most beers are vegan friendly. But they are not alcoholic friendly. So I ate a delicious falafel wrap and washed it down with ice-cold lemonade at Victoria Lahoud's Lebanese Street Food truck.

"I didn't ask to be Lebanese; I was born lucky," she says.

I eat enough falafel and hummus that I'm hoping to be named an honorary Lebanese.


Anonymous said...

I visited Beirut in 2011 and found it to be one of the coolest, friendliest places on the face of the planet! My favorite was/is: Al Falamanki (Damascus Road -- Sodeco). Check out the fun Web site if you want to explore the world of Falamanki. Such a fun place... http://www.alfalamanki.com/

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nice website and restaurant. No franchise needed in the LV. We have Daddy's Place, Beirut Inn, Mediterranean Deli and Betty's Luncheonette. Anatolian is for Turkish food.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

And really great Syrian food at the Aladdin!

Anonymous said...


You are missing one of the best local places for good Lebanese pies. 1000 block of Northampton St. Pink/Purple building. Great ice cream. Fridays are pie day. Spinach, meat, and chicken pies to knock your smelly socks off. Give it a try, let us know.