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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hanover Tp to Name New Park After First Responders

Hanover's Supervisors, from L to R: Michael Prendeville, John Tanczos,
 John Diacogiannis, Steve Salvesen and John Nagle 
At a community forum in Bethlehem on Monday night, Police Chief Mark DeLuzio heard several complaints from citizens who felt they were being treated rudely and perhaps even subjected to racial discrimination. But the very next night, in Hanover Township, Supervisors voted unanimously to give the newly expanded Village View Park a new name - First Responder Park. That 23-acre park, located on the east side of Airport Road, is on target to be dedicated in the spring.

"Sometimes, we take things for granted," said Chairman John N. Diacogiannis. "This is one way for us to show how we here feel." In addition to renaming the park, Diacogiannis reported that the Colonial Regional Police Commission has agreed to raise funds to supply police officers with new body armor. He said preliminary cost estimates are in the range of $400 per officer, although some body armor can cost as much as $1,800.

This resolution was suggested by Michael Prendeville, who also proposed the blue line painted along a small stretch of Brodhead Road, in front of Colonial Regional Police headquarters.

Hanover Township's first responders include the Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company, including its Ambulance Corps; the Colonial Regional Police Department; and the Township's own Office of Emergency Management.

The volunteer fire department was first formed in 1942, and began offering first aid at fire scenes in 1965, when the Bethlehem Jaycees donated a 1956 Cadillac ambulance.

State police at one time provided police protection to Hanover. That changed in 1995, with the formation of the Colonial Regional Police Department. Police officers patrol Hanover and Lower Nazareth Townships, as well as Bath Borough.

Emergency Management, always a priority in Hanover Township, was formalized in 2008 with an Office of Emergency Management. Its purpose is to help coordinate and manage resources to prepare for and respond to community.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the blue line in front of the CRPD station. I was in Northampton and saw that the police station has a blue line, the fire station has a red line, and the medic station has a white blue white line in front of them


Bernie O'Hare said...

Red, white and blue. Very cool!