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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Erratum: It's Nathan Jones, Not Nathan Hale

Yesterday, I made two factual errors in a story about Green Pond Marsh. First, the hearing before the Planning Commission is set for August 22, and not August 29, as I reported. Second, Bethlehem Township's Planning may have only one life to give for his township, but his name is Nathan Jones.I incorrectly called him Nathan Hale.

I'm reading Ron Chernow's Hamilton, and Nathan Hale is featured.

But only briefly.


Anonymous said...

You're forgiven Bernie. We all make mistakes. Now, how about writing an article on all the good things the environmentalists and gun clubs do.

Anonymous said...

I read Chernow's Washington: A Life, and am now reading Hamilton. It's a long slog. I hope to be done sometime in the next three years.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Sounds like you don't like to read.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Hale is the skipper from Gilligan's Island!