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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jones Mayoral Bid: "Building an Arena Cannot Save a City"

David Jones running for Mayor
When Lehigh County Comm'r David Jones announced his Allentown Mayoral plans yesterday outside of City Hall, he had company. Sure, about 20 friends and family members were on hand, but that's to be expected. Also just a few feet away was none other than Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski. He was singing along in a few raga chaturangs, of all things, with a second crowd of about 50 people who were celebrating Indian Independence Day. Ravi Shankar, he ain't. He kept glancing over at Jones and I said, "Why don't you take a picture? It will last longer." So he did! But he was pretending to be interested in Indian heritage, so he was snapping pics of the ceremony, which seemed to involve every single one of that country's 1.25 billion people.

Pawlowski was really looking forward to saying a few words, but they kept passing him over. They must have heard about his power points. Even the police chief was called before Fed Ed.

In addition to Fed Ed, three Republicans came to watch Dave's announcement. Lehigh County GOP Mentat Dean Browning was there, along with Controller Glenn Eckhart (not exactly a Mentat) and Comm'r Mike Schware (thinks he's a mentat). "We're here to observe," explained Browning.

Instead of being frazzled by these distractions, Jones charged forward. He ignored Pawlowski and invited the GOP to join him. "There's room for Republicans," he joked.

Jones is a preacher. He's a Pastor at New Vision Church, but is an Old Time Religion speaker used to pausing for an occasional "Amen." But instead of that, he got periodic applause.

Fed Ed
"I'm running on behalf of those who heard the words and promises of progress, but haven't felt that progress in their own lives or in the parts of the city that they live in. I'm ready to fight to prove that progress includes every person in the City of Allentown. I'm running because the trust and confidence that city government works for everyone equally, has been broken, and our city desperately needs healing. I'm running because I believe that the cloud that has hovered over the City must be lifted, and the need for open, honest, transparent leadership has never been greater. I'm running because this is a crucial time in the City of Allentown."

While Fed Ed was a few feet away, looking for a tabla so he could demonstrate his percussion proficiency, Jones said that Allentown should build on all of its assets instead of looking for "silver bullet" solutions. Jones said that Allentown needs to improve all of its neighborhoods, "not just certain select areas."

"My principles are simple: integrity, honesty, transparency and collaboration with the people of Allentown."

Unlike Chicago transplant Fed Ed, Jones pointed out that he grew up on nearby Penn St and is a proud Dieruff Huskie. He grew up in the Cumberland Gardens Projects. That's where he met Karen, his wife of 31 years. Together, they raised five children.

"Allentown is my home," he flatly said.

In the meantime, Fed Ed pulled out a sitar and started plucking away.

These girls were all wired.
In addition to being a clergyman, Jones has over 20 years of experience in the private and nonprofit sector. As a veteran Lehigh County Commissioner with ten years of experience, he pointed out that he deals with $400 million budgets, which is four times the size of Allentown's. He noted Lehigh County maintains a $25 million cash reserve along with a pension fund that is nearly fully funded.

Much of the reason for that is Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller. The rest would be the Republicans who were watching Jones.

He acknowledged this partnership of Democrats and Republicans, too.

"I've been a uniter, working across the aisle, Democrats and Republicans, to facilitate good, sensible government by bringing balanced solutions to the county's challenges."

Jones said the first thing he'd do as Mayor is commission a forensic audit. He added that he would focus on "the heart of the City. Building an arena cannot save a city. A city is its people. Her people make up the heartbeat and thriving pulse of the city."

After his announcement, Jones called on Fed Ed to resign.

"In my three campaigns, I have never received a formal endorsement from the Mayor, nor one campaign contribution. ... I have been standing on my own."

I wanted to stay and sell one of old cell phones to Fed Ed, but it was awful hot and he was busy patting down a woman in a sari, convinced that she was wired.

"I know there's a wire in there somewhere," he muttered.


Anonymous said...

Make Allentown Great Again!

Anonymous said...

It was a decent announcement until County Executive Tom Muller's name came up. He was a supporter of Fed Ed and he received money from him. Anybody associated with that slob [Pawlowski], can't be trusted!

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski called him a "Donald Trump" supporter.

Now I know I like this guy

Anonymous said...

This guy could talk a starving dog off a meat truck..... The religion bullshit and all.....He thinks the collar/preacher carp is going to get him votes-

"boasts HIS accomplishments when in fact all he just the shoe shiner for the rest.

Wouldn't buy a morning paper from this bull shit artist-

Anonymous said...

The preacher is correct. Building an arena will not save the city. A stranger driving by would not even know it is there, I would love to hear Pawlowski explain how it has helped the city.
Why not let the preacher run things for a while. It would be interesting to see who brings into the power structure.

Anonymous said...

I like Reverend Jones.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr.Pawloski also a part-time preacher.

Dennis P said...

Many years ago --- I made my little reported soul of the city speech in one of my unsuccessful campaigns ... What I said then was that in its interest to create a new Allentown , politicians were willing to push around and violate the soul of the City --- its people .... In concert with this speech I talked about the benefits of a City built upon strong foundations that would survive despite the wind and water whose combined effect would interact to weaken these foundations ...

I began: Ask yourself what does it take to make a City Work? In simplest terms it takes hard work and drive. Of what you may Ask? People ... People make the City work --- not buildings ... Buildings are only the body of the City --- a tool to be utilized by people ... The soul of the city is its people and the City I believe has compromised the good intentions of a proud and self-sufficient people ... Therefore it has abused its soul ..

This was the beginning of my Abuse of the Soul Speech made in the midst of the democratic primary for City Council in `1981 ... An election that dealt with the then current water and sewer issues and the hidden factor that leading politicians could not or didn't want to understand that Allentown was about to take a roller coaster ride into an urban driven malaise...An Urban driven malaise that leading politicians of today ethically or unethically still try to overcome.

A leading blogger says the Democracy is dead in Allentown ... Another leading blogger says that the Mayor's dilemma presents Council with the opportunity to provide better checks and balances in wake of the Mayor's problem .... But nothing will happen if the soul of the City ---its people continues to be abused.

For the record, I wish David Jones well in his efforts to become Mayor Of Allentown .. And Like Jones I am a life time resident of Allentown ... But unfortunately for me, I actually sought the same appointment for Lehigh County Commissioner District 3 that Jones was awarded but was bypassed ... My lot in life before then and since then was to serve the public's interest essentially without government sanctioned portfolio.. Yet had I been given an opportunity to serve on one of the myriad of government sanctioned boards I would have served with distinction and honor and in the process advanced the interest of those who comprised the soul of these municipalities --- the people. --- Dennis L. Pearson

Anonymous said...

Being new to this arena conversation how does Rev. Jones or the other candidates plan to pay for this White Elephant

Anonymous said...

He states he never received an endorsement from the Mayor, but how many times did the Mayor endorse him (I would say 3 times).
He and the Mayor were the best of friends at one point in time.
They were seen many times buddy to buddy at many events.
Maybe they studied the same bible verse. Do unto others as they do unto you.
OR I will use you and you can use me,until I want something bigger and better for me, then I will FOFGET YOU.............

Jamie Kelton said...

I like what David Jones had to say. I wish him well, and we will see which other people announce their candidacy. I wonder if any Republicans will even try to run, although I suppose they will have someone on the ballot. Given the makeup of Allentown these days, it's a remote possibility but you never know.

Finally it looks like after twelve long years, Al Capone will be heading back to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Jones and Pawlowski were best buddies and Life Church true believers.
What gives?

Anonymous said...

You continue to give Musty Muller a huge Pawlowski supporter a free pass. he must have something on you.

Anonymous said...

the first article picture said it all, and this article's pic says it all too?! The water war current mayor floating down stream were ever the wind blows?! Tommorrow we will see posts on his facebook page as to saving the indians from the cowboys as they were about to be scalpped?!
A picture says a million words that a carnival cannot twist in the direction of there design on the masses with music and paint, and than there is the common twist of the developmental tail o two towns redd butt one in the same known as the triboro?!
RE:publican redd no party affilliation

Anonymous said...

In that photo you can clearly see the second burner phone in his left pocket.

Anonymous said...

That right there is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Jones is a charlatan. And Lifechurch and Pawlowski were all buddy buddy for the longest time. Don't let him fool you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't church on the run and the mayor travel abroad to bring back home some with diplomatic ammunity to be the of the implimentational tools employeed hostel take over taktics in center city?!

Anonymous said...

He actually isn't a "bull shit artist" as you so nicely put. No one is perfect and your criticism clearly demonstrates such. No, the fact that he is a pastor doesn't make him any better or worse, however, he's not being given a chance to prove what a good man he is apart from labels. I know him personally and he is a good man. It's sad people will pass judgements before giving a chance.