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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wanted For Armed Robbey: Alhakeem Hamilton

From Wilson Borough Detective Jason Hillis: On 08/09/2016 the Wilson Borough Police were flagged down by Joseph Popham, of the 1900 block of Fairview Ave. who reported that he had just been jumped by three black males. Popham stated that he was in the alleyway behind his residence (Linden St) when a male named Alhakeem Hamilton approached him and struck him on his head with his fist.  Two other unidentified males began punching him. Popham fell to the ground the males began to kick him repeatedly on his head. During the assault Hamilton took his silver in color LG Lean smart phone valued at $100.00.

 Popham was taken to a local area hospital for an injury to his right ear and was treated and released. Alhakeem was positively identified by Popham through a photo. A warrant for arrest was obtained for Hamilton for Robbery, Simple Assault, and Theft. Anyone with information should contact the Northampton County 911 Center 610.759-2200 


Anonymous said...

with a name that matches the notorious Hamilton street gang o thugs, one must wonder what names are on this multitasking malfunctioning gang tool implimented in the triboro?!
THANX for the informational update as the local media outlets are in on my description of the triboro circus arena agenda design and twiZt the tail as they are told too?!
RE:publican redd no party affilliation

Anonymous said...

Just had a 40-year-old flashback. Only thing different was the state.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Two comments attempting to politicize this matter have been deleted.