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Monday, August 15, 2016

David Jones To Run For Allentown Mayor

Jones with then Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan
David Jones, a pastor and three-term Lehigh County Commissioner, will announce his candidacy for Allentown Mayor at high noon today. He'll do so from outside City Hall, putting him in range for any water balloons that incumbent Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski may want to launch.

Jones, a Democrat, was first appointed a Lehigh County Commissioner in 2008. He is the first person of colorto be either elected or appointed in Lehigh County. At that time, he was Executive Administrator at the 2,300-member Life Church (Allentown, PA), where he managed a multi-million dollar budget and supervised a staff of forty. Currently, he is the Pastor at New Vision Church and Executive Director for the Lehigh Valley My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. he also sits on several boards.

In a statement, Jones states he plans to "rebuild the trust" in open and transparent government. That's interesting considering that Jones is one of the persons who spoke on Fed Ed's behalf when he kicked off his now suspended campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Sam Bennett, who has run for both Mayor and Congress and now operates a Bed and Breakfast, has previously announced her candidacy.

Allentown School Director Charlie Thiel, a Republican-turned-Democrat whose computer company may very well be a City vendor, is also reportedly interested. City Council members Julio Guridy and Daryl Hendricks may also want the job.

And of course, King Edwin will tell anyone who will listen to him that he's running. After all, he needs lots of campaign contributions so he can pay his criminal defense lawyers. ... And his wife's criminal defense lawyers.

One name not being mentioned is Magisterial District Judge Michael D'Amore. He'd have to resign to run. In fact, he'd have to resign to circulate.

Unlike Jones, Thiel or Bennett, he really has been a thorn in Fed Ed's side.


Anonymous said...

Daryl Hendricks for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Allentown news is as depressing as the national scene. Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

A real democratic scrap heap is getting in line to succeed future convict "Fed Ed". I really don't see much hope for the citizens of Allentown. I can't wait to see who the "Boys of the NIZ" nominate. As far as any council candidates, they are all Pawlowski boys. Guridy was bought and paid for by the Pawlowski forces and before his disgraced actions, you couldn't find a picture of Pawlowski without Daryl Hendricks in it. [I thought he was attached to his rear end].

Anonymous said...

Jones is a 100% Pawlowski product and a mediocre producer.
The Church on the Move wants to run Allentown.

Anonymous said...

Bernie 10:50,
has the right idea, and what part does LCCC ie local vatican part played in the local carnival and its freekshows played out upon the public?!

Anonymous said...

Hendricks for Yes Man.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Will this shape up like the GOP Presidential primary? A large pool of candidates split the votes of good-government types, awarding victory by default to a highly unfit candidate?

Anonymous said...

Watch to see which candidate gets support/money from the state Democratic Committee. Their interest is in maintaining the status quo I.e.total Democratic control of the city and maintaining the Democratic voter machine that can be counted on to churn out thousands of extra Democrat votes for national and statewide elections. That candidate will likely get the GOTV support on election day and win.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Life Church A.K.A. (Church On The Move)