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Friday, February 19, 2016

Rose Sieniawski, RIP

This picture of Rose Sieniawski is from her Facebook page
I've been upset ever since the story first surfaced - on Valentine's Day of all days - that a woman's body was found inside a recycling bin near Dieruff High School. The victim was described as an Asian woman who could be anywhere between 18 and 30 years old.  I called a few Asian women I know to make sure they were OK, but without scaring them. After all, a call from me is probably annoying enough. The last thing I wanted to do was ask, "Oh by the way, you weren't murdered and stuffed into a recycling bin lately, were you?"

Fortunately, the women who have not yet blocked my number told me they were doing fine. But still, everything about this murder really bothered me. It disturbed me that no one seemed to know the victim. Descriptions of one bracelet inscribed with "A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend" hit me.

This was a person. She had family. She lived a life.

I never would have guessed that Allentown Police would be so successful, and so quickly, in cracking this case. It came at a cost, as one officer was himself shot while serving a search warrant. The intensity of their investigation tells me that at least they feel that all lives matter, even Jane Does who were never reported missing. They did not make wisecracks about her like the insensitive comments I read in several news forums, posted by anonymous cowards. They instead found out who killed this human being.

Her name is Rose Sieniawski, age 59. According to what appears to be her Facebook page, she graduated from St. Adams High School in India. She apparently continued her education, graduating from the City University of New York, College of Staten Island. She worked both there and in the legal department at Goodwill Industries. She also worked for United Way. She received a master's degree in 2010, at age 53.

She signed a petition to President Obama in 2013, asking him for a U.S. Policy in Colombia that would end the violence and killing there.

She had her opinions, and weighed in with Staten Island Live when that paper covered Angelina Jolie's proactive decision to have a double mastectomy. "Why not get a mammogram, go to the doctor?" she asked. "What is she going to do next, remove her leg so she doesn't get leg cancer? You can't do that."

She seemed to be a spiritual person, though I know nothing about her family except that she had one.

May she rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Gary W. Gorman writes:

And who says that BOH doesn't have a soft side. Nice tribute. May her family find peace and healing.

alfonso todd said...

Rest In Peace. She seemed to be a trooper.

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Sad sad situation. Hats off to APD for their diligence in the case... may her soul find peace.

Gina B.

Vincent said...

Thank you for that beautiful description. Yes she was a great mother as well..... thank you again for all your research and what is a great tribute to some of her accomplishments

Anonymous said...

Nice job Bernie.

A big tip of the hat to Allentown PD for doing a great job. Was glad to see the detective is going to be ok.


Bianca Vega said...

I used to work with her back when she was living in New York.. It's so sad because I don't think she had much family but she would always look out for everyone around her.. I remember one day during my shift I had an asthma attack and she stood by me the whole time and made sure I was okay, she was a very loving and giving person no one expected this.

Bianca Vega said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

Bianca, Thanks so much for your story. If you think about it, please contact me at bohare5948@aol.com

Unknown said...

yes she has a family our hearts are broken
Rose will be in our hearts forever and after so many years appart there was just not enough time to get to know our new found sister Rose you live in in all our hearts and spirit forever