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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Brown Starts Auditor General Race With $810

As Northampton County Executive, John Brown is in a good position to collect a lot of campaign dough. I expected to see vendors and employees trip over themselves to give him money this year, especially since he plans to run for state auditor general. But according to his 2015 annual report, he had a campaign treasury of just $810 as of the end of the year.

The only contribution he accepted, $3,000, was a loan from himself. He used that and funds on hand to pay political consultant Gary Birks $3,500.

Since his campaign treasury is so low, it seems clear that Brown's race for state auditor general is something he takes lightly. But I am happy and encouraged to see an elected incumbent of the County's highest office refuse to participate in the pay-to-play game so common among other politicians. .


Anonymous said...

Just wait. The shakedown has just begun. Brown's lackey Allen is lining up vendors who received questionable contracts and purchase orders to fill his campaign coffers.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't report state $810.00 and one stupid incompetent bitch named Cathy?

Anonymous said...

How soon we forget.......C'mon Bernie. You were the first to report the pay to play donation given to Brown's campaign for County Executive. Don't try to whitewash it with comments like' Oh how nice it is to see no donations from the play to pay boys". Bullcrap.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm not forgetting anything. I am being fair. Brown raised no money in 2015, and could easily have done so. He avoided the world of pay-to-play, and that is to his credit. I am not forgetting the Reilly-Topper connection, but I do not slam people for doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Bernie he started slow in the County Exec race too. Topper and Reilly will be there in the end like they were before.

Anonymous said...

Watch for C3 and some other exclusive vendors begin to make donations this year. There is a lot of shady business practices going on with this administration, amazingly just under the radar. Council members are looking the other way and Barron has become Brown's sock puppet.