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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Kane Joins Fed Ed in Using Campaign Funds to Pay Lawyers

Yesterday, I told you that Allentown mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski has used $80k in campaign funds to pay criminal defense lawu=yers representing him in a federal investigation into political corruption in Allentown. He's not alone. The Pittsburgh Tribune reports that AG Kathleen Kane has spent $310,000 in campaign funds to pay lawyers and PR firms representing her in connection with perjury charges filed against her.


Anonymous said...

A 100K here, a 100K there......it starts to add up.

Dave said...

Campaign Contributions = Legal Defense Fund ?

Only when laws are written by lawyers.

Anonymous said...

It's free $$$.
Why not?

Anonymous said...

Let the (alleged) crooks spend every dime of their dopey contributors' money. It's perfectly fitting.