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Monday, February 15, 2016

Bethlehem Tp January Police Statistics

During January, there were 79 traffic accidents involving 143 vehicles and 13 injuries. There were 43 traffic citations and 82 written warnings. Police were involved in 12 misdemeanor or felony arrests, along with two arrests for summary offenses.

All officers are receiving two days of state-mandated police training at the Allentown Police Academy,

Chief Dan Pancoast also reported that his department was investigating a nighttime burglary at the Rte 191 Dollar Tree store.

Bethlehem Township Police have a very active Facebook page reporting everything, from retail thefts to missing keys and missing pups.


Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the cop that hit two people in Bethlehem?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Firstg of all, what is your name? Second, what does this have to do with Bethlehem Tp? Don't expect to pull the shit ypu cowards pull on LVL. If you want to attack someone anonymously, especially a cop, I expect you to say who you are.

Anonymous said...

Township crime mapping tool (http://www.crimemapping.com/map.aspx?aid=06b4af1f-bbaf-4e20-a893-afb37f3484ef) shows 10 prostitution arrests on 2-12-2016 at the View hotel at Rts 191 & Highfield Drive. Why don't I feel safer after all the manpower spent on this? Why do the twp police invite (sting) criminals into the township? It's bad marketing for the township, decreases home values and probably invites more criminals to set up shop. Who actually calls the shots / is running the township?