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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Donchez Annual Report Reveals No Martin Tower Contributors

Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez, unlike NorCo Exec John Brown, did use his incumbency to rake in $32,500 during the last year.His annual report, filed Monday, reveals that he started the year with $92,000. He is sitting on a $120,000 warchest in a fairly obvious indication that he'll be seeking a second term when the time comes.  

His contributors include most of the crony capitalists who are willing to pay incumbents. People like banker Scott Fainor and Luke Cunningham ($1,000). But interestingly, he accepted no money from Martin Tower developers Lew Ronca or Norton Herrick. The only CRIZ developer who contributed was Dennis Benner ($1,000).  

Donchez' report also includes page after page of small donations from people who actually live in Bethlehem, from $50 to $250.

Donchez' most likely opponent,City Council President Willie Reynolds, raised no money after the primary. His campaign fund has nearly $30,000.


Anonymous said...

Willie has been picking up baggage quicker than
the staff at LAX.

This KID has all the deficits of Callahan with precious few of Johnny's assets.

God willing he won't insult us with a mayoral run.

Kate said...

Scott Fainor is his cousin......

Bernie O'Hare said...

Never heard that before. I don't begrudge a contribution from family, even if Fainor is as crony capitalist as they come.

Anonymous said...

The people around bobby D are smart. That money will be collected after the May 2017 primary. S Bob can spend all he wants and it will work out. As for another angle,you should also check if any of the Martin Tower folk gave to either the DA or Sate Senator?

Anonymous said...

booby d can collect all the contributions he wants to from the zombie dem lever pullers. It will do no good. His own inaction, ineptness and lack of any leadership skills have already made him a one term puppet mayor. The da and state senator can't cover this up anymore. On more fiasco like the martin tower bungling and they'll be saying "booby who?'

Two tax increases in two years, fee increases, the hidden Hirko tax, $6,000 to $12,000 pay raises, corruption in code enforcement, completely ignoring citizens and businesses concerns over building projects, using committees to make his decisions for him, no real transparency and poor personnel decisions. All of this shows that he is completely lost in left field.

He does deserve credit for hiring an aggressive police chief and he hands out a fine smoke detector.

Anonymous said...

His girl, the forced upon him dced blew it again last night at council over the proposed bus terminal. She couldn't answer many of council's questions and did not bother to consult with the Riverport residents. Once again embarrassing herself and the administration. Wake up Bobby!

Kudos to council for actually paying attention to the citizens for a change.

Anonymous said...

It's the lack of transparency that disturbs me.

Anonymous said...


they tried the lack of transparency trick with martin tower. It didn't work. They tried it again last night with the bus terminal. Again it blew up in their face as the residents won't be fooled again by the BS. Time for karner to go if donchez even wants to think about another run.

Anonymous said...

I do not begrudge Donchez from raising money even in an off year. Clearly he is trying to project strength to avoid a primary challenge. My issue is with his poor leadership and the inability to recognize Karner for the liability that she has become. Bob, just bit the bullet and rip off the band aid. She is not representing you well and is hurting you. It is not working.

Anonymous said...


Truer words have not been spoken. But, as far as karner is concerned he is beholding to his handlers for the train wreck.