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Monday, February 01, 2016

Allentown Issuing Tax Certs Again

On Thursday, I told you that Allentown stopped issuing tax certificates on January 14. Those certifications are essential in real estate matters. Without them, settlements must be delayed and the City is deprived of real estate transfer taxes. I suspected this hold was related to Northeast Revenue, which collects taxes for both the City and Lehigh County.

Workers in the Treasurer's Office had no idea why they were unable to issue certification, and the City spokesperson ignored a phone call seeking an explanation.

Sometime Friday, Allentown began issuing tax certs once again. According to The Morning Call, the hold up occurred because the Northeast Revenue contract is in jeopardy. Embattled Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski already executed an extension, and claims the City is stuck, while Council wants out.

Most municipal contracts have 30-day termination clauses.


Anonymous said...

Just another detail.
The whole rotten structure is starting to collapse.
Was anyone from the ASD in attendance?
I wonder how the new wiz bang former Police Chief and his young son and his child are doing in their new duty station?

Bernie O'Hare said...

If you are referring to State of the City, I saw no one from ASD.

Anonymous said...

staff have no idea why. Leadership at it's worse. Major sign of constantly looking over one's shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Government lurches forward and backward. A broken city.
Any business that opens here is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Rumors of Jennifer Mann running for Mayor? Say it aint so.....

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't the big $$$$$$ boys just love that.
She's pre- paid!

Anonymous said...

How does a public servant become so wealthy as to purchase Super Bowl tix?

If someone beats Schlossberg for that position, maybe he would move away?

Dennis P said...

We are over the period where our properties have ben accessed ... So any increases in my City of Allentwon property taxes must be considered a tax raise ... The Mayor has touted that he didn't raise the property tax for many years ... But I say yes he did because I pay $8.00 more this year ...

So I got a property tax raise ... In 2015 My Land was taxed at a millage rate of 18.46231 This will be 18.66020 in 2016 ... My improvements in 2015 was taxed at 3.49267 ... In 2016 it will be taxed 3.53010 ... Looks like a property millage rate to me which the Mayor says he didn't do. So if it is not a tax raise what is it.

But we all knew there would be a small increase .... The new Finance Director hinted that on the day Council passed the Budget. He said the Budget calls for the same amount of money in property taxes to be received ... No increase there ... But the rates will be adjusted to deal with all the activity that is going on with Allentown properties in the NIZ and elsewhere .But Pawlowski still goes around saying he did not increase the property tax. But he did mine

And we warned people that it was going to happen ... So it is not a surprize to me for I looked at my new tax bill closely because of that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody else bought the tickets.

Anonymous said...

Great cities, one and all.

The mayor took notes on his recent junket to DC.
Taxpayers money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Allentown not even a pimple on the planets ass.

Anonymous said...

Then she is bought and paid for as we have always known.

Anonymous said...


More like a boil on the valley's society

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Rumors of Jennifer Mann running for Mayor? Say it aint so....."

I hope so. I'd love to expose her.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"If someone beats Schlossberg for that position, maybe he would move away?"

That someone is not Ben Long. Only a Democrat can beat Schlossberg an R with a bit more seasoning than Ben, who needs a great deal more life experience.

Anonymous said...

Ben is a very sweet pleasant goofy fucking kid.
If he can't wait until he's not a virgin he should at least wait until he's shaving.

Anonymous said...

2:09 pm,
Thats the boil on the spinkter west of the Zit and cyZt of this all nue nue nue ReNue ReLoction process exemplified × infinitium¿!)$ Damm that circus infection is going to have one hell of a smell comming from the cistern atificially inceminated and inpregnated into the inpregnable taint that was afixed with a little chalk and paint to make it what it ain't¿!)$
This is all the same old circus propogating and advocating to perpatrate positives when infact white boxes built are just negatives in the tranformational transgretions resurgence into the darkages massively manipulated= boiljuice from the anal canal trying to replicate the hudsons waste traetment outlet sight¿!)$

redd for Republican
patent pending

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that Schlossturd isn't also a "very sweet pleasant goofy fucking kid?"

Schloss took over for Mann. Surely he has some dirt. You think he would hesitate to sing to the choir?

We need to desperately get these people out of politics.

Anonymous said...

That 2 year prison sentence for the former Reading City Council President is really going to put the fear of God into people. It may lead to even more cooperation from people try to plea bargain their way out of jail. He plead guilty to a count of bribery for taking a campaign donation for his wife in returning for helping to overturn a City law that was designed to reduce corruption.