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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leeson Arson Suit Update

Earlier this month, I told you that a damaging 2014 fire at the Leeson Law offices in Bethlehem has sparked a civil suit. No arrest has been made, but the City Fire Marshal ruled that the fire was an arson. Just as the two-year statute of limitations was set to expire, Selective Insurance Company started the lawsuit against Bethlehem Recreation Coordinator Mark Atkinson. Bill Leeson, Managing Partner at the Leeson law firm, is the City's Solicitor. Selective filed its action as the subrogee for the Leeson law firm and DMAR Construction, which performed the fire restoration.

The action contained no Complaint, but is simply a writ of summons for now. That's a formal notification to someone that he is being sued. According to the civil cover sheet accompanying this writ, this is an an "intentional" tort action.

Arson is considered an intentional tort.

Expect to see a Complaint soon. Bethlehem Attorney Paul Bender has entered his appearance for Atkinson, and has issued what is known as a Rule on Selective Insurance. It will be required to spell out, in detail, exactly why it is suing Atkinson.

No one is talking, and I don't blame them. We'll have to wait and see the court papers when they are filed.


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