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Monday, December 02, 2013

Wow! What Knockers!

If you read this blog, you are probably a mutant, not like most normal people. That's because I focus a lot on local politics, and most people have no interest. Want proof? Where do political mailers end up? In the garbage can, along with other junk mail. And robo-calls, which are timed to occur either at dinner time or when we're in the shower, send us right up they wall. But as much as people hate politics, they love when someone without an appointment knocks on their door. Go figure. That is why door knocking is regarded the most effective way to win elections.

The Lehigh Valley's most formidable campaigner, Charlie Dent, does it. Years ago, when he was first running for wither the State Senate or Congress, he was going up and down a street, knocking on doors. One homeowner, a Democrat, listened politely until his dog figured out a way to bolt out the house and run down the street. Dent ran after the dog and brought him back. That Democrat has voted for Charlie Dent ever since that day.

At the courthouse, I spoke to a worker who is both a Democrat and lives in Bethlehem. You'd think he would have voted for Bethlehem Mayor John John Callahan. But he pulled the lever for Bangor Mayor John Brown, Callahan's opponent in the Exec race. That's because Brown came to his home and Callahan did not.

"I make it a policy to vote for someone if they come to my home and ask for my vote," I was told.

Virtually ever political consultant I've spoken with tells me this is the single most effective way to win an election.


Anonymous said...

if he was a union worker he probably voted for brown to spite Callahan as Callahan put the union down badly.

but fear not donchez will put it all back as soon as his committees and morganelli and boscola tell him what to do

Anonymous said...

Unless your Mike Schlossberg and the election is handed to you!

Anonymous said...

your right 8:11 handed to us by the republicans who failed to run a candidate against him

Ron Beitler said...

Love door knocking and I did it as much as time allowed. If you don't enjoy knocking on doors and talking issues, then politics probably isn't for you.

Local officials shouldn't just knock election time. Hot button topic? Take it to the streets. That's the beauty of local gov't. It's designed for resident input.

Opposite of higher levels where you elect someone to go off to Harrisburg and DC to make decisions for you. Local level folks can roll up your sleeves and get involved. It's elected officials job to be the catalyst for that.

Anonymous said...

One of the many deciding factors in John Brown's improbable victory run to the top. He is a smart guy and will not be outworked by anyone in pursuit of a goal. I knew he would be a terrific Mayor and I know he will be a terrific county executive. The people did chose wisely..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's canonize Brown before the game even starts! I'd rather wait and see what he does before we give him the MVP trophy! Shame on the vast majority who sat on their asses and let the minority prevail.

Anonymous said...

Brown is in a box. He will need to raise taxes after Stoffa depleted the treasury. However, the new county council are tea party and will never vote to raise taxes. He is really in the shitter now.

Anonymous said...

And it shows how petty, self centered and ill-informed most voters are, no matter what their registration card says.

For Christ's sake, stand for something! Chasing dogs, knocking on your door to make you FEEL special for a brief moment. Issues be damned.

Knuckleheads being played like fiddles.


Anonymous said...

As the coach says in the movie "Goon'..Clem..take a seat in the back of the bus..you ride piss hole.

Anonymous said...

Well if Brown can't raise taxes he has to make it up with Cuts and the D's won't go for that. Peg is the true swing voter. So we will see what happens. Anyway what in the hell do people really expect an from a county exe..? They either spend or cut. So it depends on if you are on need or if you are tired of paying for everyone else. Brown is smart enough to find a balance but he is walking into a bad situation.