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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Controversial Deputy Leaves NorCo Employment

Northampton County Sgt Mark Keels, a Deputy Sheriff who supervises other Deputies, was either terminated or voluntarily resigned on Friday. His nickname at the courthouse was "little Napoleon".

My guess is he won't be missed.

Keels first gained notoriety when he sued DA John Morganelli for a civil rights violation. Morganelli was looking for a Detective, and Keels was one of the applicants. He felt he was looked over because he is black. Never mind that the successful applicant, and one who just happens to be Hispanic, outscored him on written tests. Never mind that Morganelli is the County's first to hire a black assistant DA. Rather than litigate the matter, the County's insurer threw money at Keels, and he went away.

But not far enough. The former prison guard became a Deputy Sheriff. Then he became a Sergeant.

During the Gracedale referendum lawsuit, Keels actually yanked me out of a courtroom while I was trying the case. He claimed that I was secretly filming the proceedings on my dumb phone, which had no camera. I produced it, and he was satisfied.  But then he returned and took my coffee thermos, which apparently is a breach of courtroom security. That nearly killed me, especially since I invert that and run it intravenously throughout the day.

I know Keels gained more friends by writing up other Deputies for not aggressively searching everyone who walks into the courthouse, even some more grandma' who is just there to be her tax bill.  One can never be too careful, I guess. He used to really love searching me. He'd start touching my legs and shit and would empty my belongings and inspect them carefully ... until I told him I loved it and blew him a kiss.

Actually, sometimes I do sneak a peck.

I smell another civil rights lawsuit.


SGT. Preston said...

big gun - little brain

Anonymous said...

Bernie, lil Napolean is the nickname of a present sgt whose breath smells like Sheriff miller's ass - it was not Keels nickname. Keels was just another victim of butting heads with the judges. He was not allowed to his job by Miller and had a target on his back. Too bad he did not wait another week, rumor has it Miller is getting his walking papers from Brown this coming Friday. Hopefully Brown downsizes this department and gets rid of the fluff. The union prez making six figures to play fugitive manhunter because he allows Miller to do anything he wants will end under Brown, as will his illegal felony vehicle stops of the wrong people. This department has too much rank for its size.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this Department needs to have some proper supervision as a few of these folks seem to be lacking personal discipline.

Anonymous said...

Those who did not have the noses up Stoffa's ass were treated accordingly!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ex-deputies can stand tall behind the anonymous option.