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Monday, December 02, 2013

Donchez To Announce Additional Cabinet Members Today

Last week, Bethlehem Mayor-elect Bob Donchez announced the appointment of Att'y Bill Leeson as his Solicitor and Alicia Karner as DCED Director. Today, at 11 am, he will announce additional appointments.


Anonymous said...

So tomorrow we get to hear Sen. Boscola's second pick. First was her former staffer Karner and tomorrow her husband.

Wow. Nice change form the Callahan insider game their Bobby!

Anonymous said...

the puppet mayor

Anonymous said...

Shocking news on the MC website. Sen. Boscola's husband was picked by Donchez.

Does she get more than two picks?

Doug Camaro said...

I voted for Jim Gregory too bad there are over 6000 cowards in Bethlehem that have no vision or cojones.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Doug Camaro" is just one of the many names used by West Easton resident Tricia Mezzacappa to spread lies. Obviously, she could not vote for state prison inmate Jim Gregory. As I previously reported, he picked up a grand total of 4 votes, which was 4 votes too many.

Anonymous said...

"Free Greggy" t-shirts are available thorough the UNITY PAC.

Free all political prisoners in the US. Free Greggy!

Anonymous said...

The more thing change in Bedlam, the more they stay the same.

Oh Bob, how disappointing. Six of Callahan, half a dozen of Donchez. Not much difference.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said,
Maybe the new mayor will pick the department heads that are residence of the city

Anonymous said...

Doubt it. The big surprise was Karner. She is a super Callahan insider. Callahan cronies Hickey, Uliana and others are thrilled. She will mean the store is still open and Bethlehem is still for sale.