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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Corbett Drops $5.8 MM in Christmas Cheer on NorCo

Our failing schools are just gonna' have to wait. Rich dudes needs our help, too, and that's where Governor Tom Corbett goes to work.

Just two days before Christmas, he sprinkled $133 million in RCAP grants throughout the state. Of course, $23.75 million of that dough is going to Corbett's own county for things like ballet and art studios.

Considering how the Steelers have done this year, maybe ballet is a good idea.

Corbett even remembered Northampton County. Yes, siree. He sent $5 million for billionaire Ed Roski's Majestic project in Bethlehem.  "God bless us every one," said Tiny Roski, as he bought abnother professional ball team

Another $800,00 went to St. Luke's Anderson campus. We all know how hard it must be for St. Luke's to keep adding extensions all over the place.

What about Lehigh County?

You bastards got zip. Christmas coal. Exactly what you deserve for voted for Democrat Tom Muller over Scott "Don't they have family?" Ott.


Anonymous said...

"Another $800,00 went to St. Luke's Anderson campus"

Gotta help those poor starving heath care conglomerates suffering under Obamacare. Word on the street is they had to cut their beluga caviar order by a third for their Christmas Party. That will not do in a free capitalist society.

Anonymous said...

How can a Governor do this with a state legislature supposedly acting as a watch dog ? Where are our local legislators ? Aren`t collapsing bridges a little more important ?

Anonymous said...

The gift to St. Lukes was just in time to help pay the $55 million judgement against it.

Anonymous said...

I will be soooo happy when this a-hole is voted out of office -- and I live in Northampton County.

Anonymous said...

St. Lukes is one of the areas largest employers. A parade of local contractors make livings at St. Lukes facilities every day, as well. It would be better if places like St. Lukes just went the fuck away. Anyone who worked at Ingersoll or the Steel knows that people will easily find other jobs.

Anonymous said...

ANON 6:33 must be joking ... Working in the local steel industry my best earning years ended at age 53 ... Not being a labor leader or a retiring policeman or fireman or elected official there were no automatic full time job waiting for me...I got by up to this date because I prepared for my future in advance.

Anonymous said...

6:53. And you prepared what a creep you are... Just kidding of course. It today's world people want the government to do the preparing for them. When there
are more people with their hands out these people won't be able to eat or afford a cell phone. Sounds like a great goal. Corbett should have given tax relief instead to the workers not the others.... They get overlooked too often.

Anonymous said...

Wasteful spending and crony capitalism for me, higher gasoline taxes for thee. Another reason Tom Corbett is going to lose badly next year. Polls show him losing to any D with a pulse. For some stupid reason, the PA GOP is going to follow him off the cliff. The only question is how many seats in the state house and senate the Dems take.

Bernie O'Hare said...

My guess is that Corbett will win, just as Rendell did.

Anonymous said...

PA always re-elects its governors and and almost always changes parties in the governors mansion when electing a new one. That's why sacrificial lambs like Pawlowski are humored in a re-relection year.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"St. Lukes is one of the areas largest employers. A parade of local contractors make livings at St. Lukes facilities ... "

No offense, but I am sick of the argument that we have an obligation to subsidize someone bc he will give us jobs down the road. What if he does not? How many jobs? No clawbacks.

If St. Luke's, Majestic or any other of the aristocrats with their hands out, have a good business plan, they do not need government help. If they do not, I do not care about how much public money is poured into it bc it will fail. We've seen this time and again.

Anonymous said...

St Lukes is a non-profit. I'm a bit divided over whether PA tax dollars should be spread out there. They seem to be doing pretty well. What about our rusting and crumbling infrastructure?

It would really suck if Corbett is re-elected. We're ready for the next contender for a-wipe. We know what we'll get with same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Wow, more money for Northampton County. When was the last time RCAP came to Lehigh County.

Do we really need to give St Lukes money to destroy fertile farmland.

RCAP should be used to address brownfield sites not a catalyst to destroy more fertile farmland.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't put money on Corbett getting re-elected. His approval rating is now stagnant at between 30-36%, depending on the poll you look at. Down 17% from March.

He's pissed off ecologists, unions, educators, the GLBT crowd, alcoholics, and soon motorists, when they see that new 25 cent tax hit the pumps.

Sandusky when he was AG will likely come up this time around even though he did a good job of making it a non-issue during his first run.

Many (7 now, I think) Democrats are planning to run for the spot against him, because he is an easy mark. If they don't destroy each others reputations in the process, Corbett is easily out of office.

To paraphrase another commenter, Time to try another Asswipe.

Anonymous said...

Not a cent to Lehigh? Is this true?

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Who is representing Lehigh County? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Pat Browne...

Anonymous said...

Pat Browne is representing Allentown. He suggested he was not going to run again, therefore he probably was focused on Allentown and the NIZ. He had no problem trying to hijack EIT from neighboring communities.

Anyone representing Lehigh County?

Anonymous said...

On Feb 11 2013, Corbett announced RCAP grants for:

LC Hamilton Crossings in Lower Mooch Township - greenfield developent $2.5M

LC Sacred Heart 6th floor rennovation in Allentown $500K

NC Majectic Realty $5M

NC LV Charter HS for Performing Arts School in Bethlehem $3M

NOW on December 23, 2013 Corbett announced

NC St Lukes 4th Floor expansion $800K

NC Majestic Commerce Center VII Bethlehem $5M.

....So that is $10M to Majestic in 2013?
....Only $3M for Lehigh County while Bethlehem NC alone recieves $13.8M?

Anonymous said...

Same polls that claimed Callahan would walk into the Execuitves office. Corbett will be re-elected. the Dem candidates so far are very weak.

Allyson Schwartz. Are you serious???

She is an affluent abortion clinic operator. that will sell well in Pa.


Anonymous said...

11:40, He's not talking about your local NorCo polls conducted by Callahan supporters. Corbett is done.