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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bangor Boro Manager Suffers Massive Heart Attack

Before Christmas, Bangor Borough Manager John Kasten suffered a massive heart attack and is in critical condition at LV Hospital. He is approximately 62 years old and has been at Bangor since 208. Prior to that, he was Slatington's Borough Manager for seven years.

Updated 5 pm: Kasten passed away this afternoon.


Dave Houser Bangor Borough councilperson said...

I sadly report that Mr.John Kasten is being taken off life support due to his medical condition. It is being reported to boro staff that his last rites were administered this morning also. The entire Bangor boro staffs thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife Karin at this time. Words fail me as I have personally lost a confidant and very good friend and adviser and teacher. A true gentleman and expert business manager..he will be greatly missed by all of us here in the Bangor community. Adieu John..

Anonymous said...

Prayers to the family

Anonymous said...

Met him once when my officals duties took me to Bangor boro hall. Was a very nice man