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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Allentown Speak Out" Forum This Saturday

When I attended blogger Michael Molovinsky's first "Allentown Speak Out" forum in 2008, I met some interesting people, including Michale Donovan, Tony Phillips and Dr. Bob Romancheck. But most interesting of all was 75 year-old Zee Weikel, a vicious gangsta' targeted by the Pawlowski administration.

Her unspeakable crime?

Yard sales. The only thing she could say in her defense is "I'm on a limited income, and this gives me something extra so I can go out with my girlfriends every now and then."

Maybe Weikel has since been locked up. If not, you might be able to talk to her and other interesting people from Allentown this coming Saturday. Molovinsky has scheduled another "Allentown Speak Out" forum. Unlike Mayfair, it costs nothing. Even the unwashed mases are welcome.

Date: SAT. MAY 30, 1:00 PM.

Where: FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH, 219 N. 12th ST. Allentown, PA

Who: You.

Cost: Nothing.

Among the topics will be LANTA's latest folly - an attempt to sieze beautiful Bicentennial Park for yet another maintenance garage. I won't be there, unless it pours.



Anonymous said...

This should be interesting. I don't live in Allentown anymore but when I visit, what strikes me more than anything (and there is a lot to strike one when you go to Allentown) is the jaywalking. As soon as Macarthur becomes 7th St. I feel like I'm no longer driving my car but playing a video game, avoiding cars illegally doubleparked in the middle of the street that surprise you when you go over the crest of a hill and people just crossing everywhere not even waiting for traffic to pass. I wonder if this is ever addressed or talked about or just being tolerated and accepted. I wonder how many people get hit by cars each year in Allentown. Couches on porches and yard sales are one thing but people's lives are another. I also think it's funny how there are never any regulations about yard sales in middle class neighborhoods outside Atown. There they are considered community events and since the objects sold are higher value than in the city, you would think more threat of "stolen goods."

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, thank you for the mention. this is actually the fifth speak out meeting i've conducted since 04. featured in the past have been the meter increases, crime, lanta bus stops and pre-sale home inspections. although this meeting saturday will feature park plans, anybody is welcome to speak on any topic.

J. BLACK said...

This is TRUE public action at it's best! I will be there!



Bicentennial Park is a sad case.

It is old and in need of some cash injection, but from where?

Lanta is the irresistable force meeting the hardly immovable object.

I doubt very much very many people who currently reside in Allentown care about Bi-Cientennial or what happens to it.

These days in contemporary society, the majority of people, from what I see, DO NOT CELEBRATE American history.

They bash it constantly and point out how horribly unfair and grotesquely unjust everything always been.

And how only a few Americans actually succeeded and this was only because they exploited everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Ironpigpen -

Wow...my thoughts almost to a "t".

I believe that it's a glimpse into the future of our country. I won't be around (hopefully) when, by about the year 2050, our country officially becomes "mostly something other than a white, middle-class and Christian-English speaking" society.... but around that time, one could envision a populace that does not know, nor understand, or even appreciate our history. Maybe Memorial Day, Flag Day and even Independance Day will fall by the wayside and branded as dated and having no contemporary relevance. Maybe buildings and ballparks named for famous figures or events (Bicentennial Park)will have the names changed or will be left unprotected by the new heathens who will populate our country. Maybe this is just an early sign of that.

My guess is that there is little uproar against the proposed erasure of this park because Allentown is the canary in the coal mine on this scenario. There is almost an majority of "indifferent people" living in the city now, and this will probably get worse, much worse in the coming decades.


J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I thought the Philadelphia Force still palyed at that park?

So LANTA and Big Eddie are telling womans pro-sports to zip it?