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Thursday, September 11, 2008

John Morganelli: Corbett Ducking Debate in AG Race

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, Democratic candiate for Attorney General, would like to be able to debate incumbent Tom Corbett sometime between now and election day. But he's beginning to think Cortbett is avoiding him. "I get the feeling Mr. Corbett is trying to duck me because I have agreed to appear at the State Theatre in Easton for a debate proposed by the Express-Times newspaper as well as in Harrisburg at WITF. Mr. Corbett has apparently declined both. Shouldn't we be debating?" asks Morganelli.

Morganelli would like to ask Corbett about his ties to the gambling industry, as well as the misuse of $1 million dollars in taxpayer dollars on radio advertisements to promote himself during an election year.

"The public deserves to see the candidates debate the issues. Today I am asking the media to call me and Mr. Corbett and lets do it," said Morganelli.


Blah Society said...

In addition to what Morganelli said, I'd like to see him debate Corbett in regards to the poor handling of the Lehigh Valley College settlement.

Anonymous said...

I'd like John to investigate whether his handler shot Angle's sheep.

Is Scissorhands permitted to possess weapons, John?

Anonymous said...

Funny how nobody seems to care a bout this race. Morgy's created a lot of excitement!

Anonymous said...

No Mr. Morganelli, you should not be debating. I am sick & tired of listening to you blow your own horn whenever there is an available soapbox.
"look at me Morganelli" I am really, really,really, sick of you
putting others down.ex;Judge Jackson Phiadelphia, and a long list of others.And now Corbett.
Go address the gangs that operate blocks away from your office.

Sliding Ed said...

When our child was 7 years he revealed that he was sexually assaulted by his first grade teacher. We filed a Police report with Colonial Regional Police and than were required to meet with Detective Hammer and Morganelli’s assistant DA. In confidence and trust our son made his statement in Morganelli’s Office. A bogus investigation followed along with a conflicting police report made by Detective Gary Hammer. Since they were not going to move forward in this case, this police report was supposed to be sealed and kept confidential should the investigation be reponed again, instead it was distributed through the mail. According to the Northampton Schools district response they stated they got a copy from Morganelli’s Office. This confidential police report by my son and many other 6 and 7 year old children’s statements which included full names and addresses have been made public. The Teacher was transferred once again this time, at the exact time when Detective Hammers son was placed in this Teachers first grade pod. When we confronted Morganelli he stated his office did not distribute this report and said there is no need for an investigation on how this confidential report was made public. Morganelli stated 6 and 7 year old children do not make good witnesses, even though he knew the school district withheld and gave false information.
Through our experience this police report was not kept confidential! Answers are still left open and the cover-up continues. (Update: now Morganelli’s assistant DA does not even remember the case or us ever filing a complaint)