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Monday, September 29, 2008

Marin Will Try to Sell Railroad on Ramblings

Last week, I questioned the folly of passenger rail in the Lehigh Valley. Unfortunately for me, I made the mistake of expressing those concerns during a meeting among rail advocates in downtown Easton on Tuesday night.

I would have been thrown in front of a speeding locomotive, but they're aren't any right now. They'll have to wait.

Actually, most of the people were quite nice. In fact, moneyman Paul Marin, contacted me after reading my blogs last week. I was getting ready for the usual libel claim, but Marin instead asked to meet me and we briefly discussed his intentions late last week. To the extent that I was suspicious of Marin's motives, and I was, I was wrong. He's asked for an opportunity to express his own views and he is most welcome.

Marin has agreed to answer a number of tough questions about passenger rail, many of which come from the concerns expressed by you. As soon as I get his answers, I'll post the interview unedited.

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Anonymous said...

I've known Paul for years - he can be a PITA sometimes, and there are many times I don't agree w/ him, but I don't question his motives. He believes rail service is in the Lehigh Valley's best interests.

The Banker