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Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's All Charlie's Fault!

I'll be sharing my thoughts about the TV debut of Dem bossman Joe Long on Monday.


Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if its now or in two years, charlies gone.If all he can do is rename post offices under a rep president imagine his term under a democrat.

Blah Society said...

I didn't see this ad yet. This is something I'd expect from Bennett.

I'll vote for the same (i.e. Dent).

Anonymous said...

anon 12:19, a little presumptious are we...What about looking at it this way, if all he can do under a very conservative rep president is become the leader of the group of moderate Congressmen (Tuesday Group) who actually challenged the President on several issues, imagine his term under a moderate rep president.

You may be on to something though, in two years Charlie may be gone...to the Senate.

Anonymous said...

These are really good ads -- FOR ME TO POOP ON!

Triump The Insult Comic Dog

Anonymous said...

This was a good political ad.

Blah Society said...

Anon 1:50 is not a good observer.

Blah Society said...

It's funny that Bennett has "Just Eat Less" as one of Dent's solutions, considering she believes that she can feed the needy on just 25 cents p/person.

Someone should tell her it's not that simple...

Anonymous said...

The problem with Sam's negative ad vs. Charlie's negative ad about Sam's POM scam is that all of Sam's assertions are false. Going negative usually brings both candidate's ratings down, but the key is making certain you have the facts in order to deflect most of the loss to your opponent. She had to go negative and attack back. She's likely stepped into a very old trap, however, that was set by her opponent. She already had high enough negatives.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is in trouble !

Anonymous said...

after 8 years of a republican administration and the current congress all incumbents have high negatives.The country is fed up.This is a good ad no matter who its for.Aimed at the independents,with our demographics, charlies in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Dent better change his ad agency, hes up against a powerhouse.

Anonymous said...

Ads like this explain why the Democrats are losing ground and why (for the Presidential race) Pennsylvania is still a competitive state when it should be in the bag.

By all means, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Fact, Tom Burke had the highest approval rating of all the councilmen at city hall.Look what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for McCain because Sarah Palin is on the ticket with him and you have to vote for both. The Dems have a better, much better, combination with Obama and Biden.

I won't vote for Sam Bennett because she is as poor a candidate as Palin, totally artificial and programmed, but she is not linked to Obama by default.

I'm voting for Obama but NOT Bennett.

She hasn't earned my vote.

Anonymous said...

These two Bennett ads are rhetoric with no substance to back them up. That's why the claims are all over the place and unfocused. Are we to believe what these ads accuse Rep. Dent of just because they say it's so? They cite no proof.

And 7 years of volunteering at POM prior to getting a job there does not entitle anyone to 1/3 of the taxpayer-funded budget in the very first year. Every time Ms. Bennett mentions her "working for free" time, I cringe. That's altruism?

Anonymous said...

Barry turned out 22,000 in Philly for a rally the day before Hillary trounced him 2-1 in a state full of rednecks clinging to guns and religion.

It's no wonder this blue state is suddenly up for grabs. In fact, Barry's team saw the trend before his convention when they pulled ads from Philly and Pittsburgh. The guy has blown a huge lead. If he loses PA (and his spending indicates he thinks he has), it's curtains.

The down ticket contenders are already distancing themselves from Barry. The guy is radioactive in PA.

I'm off to shoot critters at my church picnic!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most pathetic ads I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Past elections have proven the lehigh valley dems are organized like never before leaving the lv rep organization flaccid to say the least.You can say what you want about Sam but no one can fire up the dems and organize the get out the vote effort better than she.Students,labor and die hard dems are set to go next month.Will she be successful remains to be seen.If the voters vote straight dem Charlie is toast.

Anonymous said...

I see Dent yard signs in people's yards everywhere. Where are the Bennett signs.

I have been visited twice at the door by volunteers doing canvassing for Charlie and McCain, but I haven't seen or heard from a Bennett or Obama volunteer.

Admittedly, maybe they are waiting or holding their powder, but I'm still impressed by the Dent effort.

Anonymous said...

I love it! :-D With an economy correction on the horizon the white collar suits are sweating. You can take your corporate trickle down jobs and shove it. Your going to loose your job, pal. I can live well with my blue collar job and look foward to buying your McMansion for $100,000 less than what you paid for.

Chris Miller said...

Anonymous 8:22AM
The add is fodder for Sam's choir. Those who have had the opportunity to meet Representative Dent and speak with him about individual problems and political issues know where he stands on the issues. Sam has this one all wrong and she will continue to get it all wrong leaving her a resident of Allentown and not a Congressman after the election.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Dent really has not made an effort to solve the problems mentioned in the commercial. Does he expect to get re-elected so he can do more of the same?

Anonymous said...

Its a know fact while Mack Truck has decided to move out of the area, the CEO of Mack Truck has given thousands to Charle Dents Campaign and will continue to do so even after they move south. Now if that doesnt send a message to the Middle Class of Allentown and surrounding local communities then I dont know what will. With less that 1.6% in the Valley making over 200K a year, lets get this right this year and NOT vote for Charle Dent.

I'm a Blue Collar worker, And I approve this Message :-)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you're not a blue collar worker at Mack Trucks -- since it's PA's high corporate taxes that helped drive that "corporation" out of PA.

Do you want Ed Rendell's phone number?

I'm a thinking voter and I think your message is BS on toast.

Anonymous said...

"Corporation Taxes

You can find all the "hidden tax codes" on PA's department of revenue website, which is clickable to Billions.....not so hidden, right?

Yet with all the Tax Cuts for those making over 250K a year...still a higher bonus every year from "Shar Holders"....cutting jobs at lower levels so that they can "save" the budget and adheir to the "bottom line".....the only solution for share holders to make a profit and for CEO's to keep there bonuses is to...."MOVE over seas, where labor laws are non-existent....yet still send money to "there GUY" and his campaign to "Save American Jobs"

Thats the real BS on Toast Chump

Blue Collar worker

response to messanger of BS Toast Troll

As I see it companies want to short change there workers while keeping there 2 million dollar bonuses. I know very well how companies work within the social ecnomic market. The Ideology with Republicans is to revert workers right (unions) back to the 1900's
We see it in China PALS, CEO exploit labor where it can, at the cost of America jobs. Now thats a Conservative Ideology, which doesnt seem to keep Americans employed, only the wealthy happy and well connected. Its the Redistribution of Wealth back into the hands of those who are already wealthy. And the Middle Class DOESNT benifit from that Ideology AT ALL!

Now find me someone who can get to core issues, chump

I know where Sam Bennett stands, i know here personally
I know where Charle Dent stands, I've seen his voting record

All I can say is it does not look good Charle when it comes to the Middle Class

Now people will vote on issues
But when All is said and done, Charle Dents record shows a decline for the Middle class if this trend keeps on the direction its going.

Anonymous said...

Blue Collar worker --

Hit your reset button. You're mixing talking points. You're off message. You're not making sense.

I'll make it simple so that you won't need someone to sit with you and explain the big words while you're reading this.

Let's assume that you're not on welfare. Let's assume that you actually work somewhere. Let's assume that you work at a (horrors) business. As opposed to a charity you're scamming.

Let's assume that people like Barack Obama and Sam "The Smile" Bennett get elected to office. Let's assume they significantly raise taxes on businesses just like you want and just like they promised.

Let's assume that your business has to pay as much as 10% more out of its bottom line than it is currently paying. Let's assume that impacts their profit margin, severely.

Let's assume they decide to lay off your ass and a few other Blue Collar Workers.

Let's assume that your jobless ass can explain how Obama and Bennett helped you, Chump.

Or maybe you're a big enough chump that you're looking forward to a job as the cart boy at one of Sam's nationalized grocery stores?

Thinking Voter

Anonymous said...

If I remember, Bill Clinton was labeled a Tax and spend Liberal. However, He lowered the Debt and the Economy did well. Then you voted for the first Maverick from Texas and what a screw up he turned out to be. Theres no difference between tax and spend and borrow and spend in my book. Regan gave the corporation a tax cut. What did they do...diversified...and/or moved their jobs out of the country.

Anonymous said...

This ad definitely convinced me to vote for Bennett.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:17.

Wow. You must be pretty weak-minded. I bet you own like a hundred juicers and buy those real estate get rich quick schemes from infomercials.

Anonymous said...

Wow bernie, Blue Collar and Thinking Voter, where'd you dig up those two? Banker and Consigliere busy? Sock puppet comments from sock puppet identities. Awesome!

And your bud AJ using a sock puppet as a picture. Freudian slip?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you for thinking that I am bright enough to come up with all these arguments as well as the ability to counter them. I must be pretty damn good!

I appreciate all the comments posted by everyone here, Don't worry. You sound much better than I do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:17

These are not the droids you're looking for.


Anonymous said...

Food costs are up for one reason.

Ethanol. Congress passed the ethanol mandate to appease environmentalists and liberals who cry "alternative fuels".

Well, ethanol is made from corn. With the mandate, corn prices have tripled(?). Corn is the foundation of most of our food - corn meal, corn syrup, feed, etc.

Hence, most other food prices go up. Plus, farmers are switching from other crops to corn because of the mandates and subsidies. Which drives up other crop prices.

Food prices are going up around the world which is leading to food shortages, skyrocketing prices, and hunger.

The UN (that ultra-right wing group) issued a report confirming this problem.

As usual, our problem are CREATED by government. Yet, too many want the government to FIX things.

Anonymous said...

One way, No how, No McCain, No Palin, No Dent

Anonymous said...

What has Charlie Dent done for the Valley besides renaming post-offices?

Anonymous said...

I don't know which way this election will go but it seems to me both Dent and Sam have alot of explaining to do as to how they are going to make it better for the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like Bernie has his own Spin-zone going on HA! The Berni O'Factor. A bit to the right I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. That crazy Bernie! Questioning Sammy Bennett. Where do you get off, Bernie?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Since I am supposedly posting all these comments myself, let me ask, "Are you really me?"

Anonymous said...

I take it Bernie, you are a Republican?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:06,

I am a Democrat who votes for the person, not the party. I'm no lever puller. Dent is by far the better candidate. Not even close. I like Sam very much, but I like Dent that much more.