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Monday, September 08, 2008

Nazareth PD Continues to Improve

At the end of August, Nazareth police arrested six people following a raid at 153 S. Whitfield Street. Drugs and weapons were confiscated.

Chief Michael Sinclair credits concerned Nazareth citizens. At last week's borough council meeting, he explained police have been meeting regularly with citizens at the borough council building on the last Tuesday of every month, 7 PM. He also issues "crime bulletins" that alert the community when there is a rash of crime.

Sinclair, whose one year contract with Nazareth was extended at the last borough council meeting, has transformed the police department into a responsive and professional unit.


mindboggled said...

“RAID!” What a joke! There are more drugs in one classroom in the high school than the
Nazareth Police got on this “raid”. This town has a huge drug problem and it shouldn’t take a “meeting with citizens” to figure out. Little or nothing has been done about these rampant drug sales and getting a couple of people for “a small amount” is not going to change anything. Drive around the borough for 15 minutes and you can witness at least one drug deal in progress. If you want specific locations try one of the following places or areas (these are all alleged):
In the area of Mitch’s Market,
The American Hotel,
The Towne House,
The Borough Park (yes Bernie including some of the darling angel skate)”kids”.
The 300 block of South Street.
Union Street.
The police department seems to be stepping up traffic enforcement, but that is about it unless you count when they arrest people for public drunkenness when the are doing the right thing by walking home, (which means they are not driving) And even those are only caught if the officer sits across the street from the Towne House at closing time.

Chief Sinclair does not seem to have very good leadership skills, little or nothing has improved since his arrival, by the way he was the borough’s second choice,

Department morale certainly has not improved if anything it is much worse.

Drug problems in the borough have not improved.

Vandalism is worse than ever.

The only obvious change was the uniforms. Oh yeah and there haven’t been any robberies since the officers have started business checks in town. Oh Wait… there weren’t any before they were required to make business checks either. Maybe that is why they are too busy to see all the drug issues. They are constantly doing business checks in the few businesses that are left in Nazareth.

But I guess none of this would bother me either if I was the chief of a town I didn’t even have to live in. Especially if I had a take home car with borough supplied gas that I drove home to Philadelphia every night.

And now there is a Rumor that is circulating but I'll keep that to my self since it is only a rumor.

Until then GO OWLS!

Anonymous said...

we should hire the Easton Police Department to patrol our Borough and do our raids. They've come a long way and we have gotten worse!

Anonymous said...

lots of drugs in nazzy. it's long been known as a safe spot.