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Monday, September 29, 2008

Nazareth Officials Recognize . . . Themselves, But Who's Paying?

On Friday, Nazareth's present and former governments, along with wives and hubbies, will march on down to Easton's exclusive Pomfret Club for The Lord Pomfret Filet or perhaps, The Pavillian Cold Water Lobster Tail. No Pott's doggies here, baby.

Who is paying for this shindig? Not council members.

Among those being honored are appointed former borough councilman Conrad Bowers, whose sole claim to fame was his botched attempt to close Nazareth's skateboard park. This beacon of transparency, who claimed open meetings were a tad "too unwieldy," finished dead last when he finally ran for the job.

Another honoree? Fred Daugherty, another appointed councilman who refused to state his position on the controversial government center expansion at Nazareth Hall Park. He was appointed without discussion, but voters rejected him when he ran for the job. Now he apparently is eyeing the mayor's seat, and it's a pretty big seat.

A third honoree includes J. Michael Davis, a former borough council member who bragged about spending hundreds of hours spent in secret meetings over that same government center expansion, which would have ruined a park dedicated to children since 1898.

Who is paying for this shindig? Not council members.

I suspect we are paying for meals at some swanky non-Nazareth restaurant to honor people the voters rejected at the polls. Does this make any sense?

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Anonymous said...

Gee....they might just as well invite Lesky and the school board (except Maher.) And throw in Melsoky too. Birds of a feather.....