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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McHale Walks Out on Michelle Obama

Last week, Michelle Obama was at Allentown's Cedar Crest College for a standing room only roundtable discussion with military spouses. Naturally, the pols were there in force, including none other than Northampton County Council Prez Ann McHale.

McHale has a well-deserved reputation for being imperious. Last year, she was the council member who dismissed County Executive John Stoffa's attempts at civility with a mean-spirited council.

"Nice guys finish last," she snarled.

According to three people at last week's Obamarama, McHale was in regal form. She insisted on plopping down in the front row, even though it was reserved for military families.

"We'll see about that!" she reportedly huffed, and trampled off to speak to someone. After a time, McHale returned and sat in the second row. Then some hapless volunteer told her she had to move again.

"I don't have time for this!" she exclaimed, and stormed out.

Three different people confirm this is what happened, but they won't let me identify them for fear they might have their heads chopped off or something.

Well, I decided to call McHale myself. As she explains it, she only asked to be seated at an end seat because she had to leave early and she did end up leaving before Obama even arrived.

"Who did you speak to?" she purred. I can't tell her that. My informants might get their heads chopped off.

I can say this. Nobody drives from Bethlehem to Cedar Crest to see a possible future First Lady, and then suddenly bolts twenty minutes after getting there.


Anonymous said...

We are not amused, peasant! Be careful BO or the Royal Gaurd will be visiting you.

I always thought she was a bit pompous. Now it sounds like Arse should be added to that description.

Anonymous said...

Hearing stuff like this makes me glad to be a Lehigh County guy. We have our challenges, but we also have Sterling Raber!

The Banker

Blah Society said...

I wonder if McHale drives to New York just to pay the toll at the Lincoln Tunnel, too.

Anonymous said...

The Hillary crowd is still bitter.