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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

IV. Rendell: Hillary Supporters Will Back Obama

Patriot News (Charlie Thompson): Are you concerned that some of the Hillary Clinton supporters, especially the women supporters of Hillary Clinton, are still feeling conflicted about their choices this Fall because of Governor Palin's selection, and that they may jump to the McCain ticket or stay home in November?

"No, I doubt that. I think, number one, Hillary Clinton got a lot of her supporters back with her speech. Some of them may have wavered because of the selection of Governor Palin, but when more and more about Governor Palin comes out, I think that will convince those people to support Senator Obama and Senator Biden.

"Secondly, I think you're gonna' see very active campaigning from Senator Clinton all the way from Nebraska to Pennsylvania. She's going to be a very good messenger.

"You know, just because Governor Palin's a woman - that's great and it's historic - but on the other hand, you gotta' look beyond that to the issues and what positions she takes. Once the Clinton supporters focus on those, I think 95-96-97 % will vote for the Obama-Biden ticket."


Chris Miller said...

I think the Gov. is making the same mistake that others have made. Governor Palin was put on the ticket to draw the conservative base and that is not the women who support or supported Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

Fine. She draws the political base of conservatives.

Big deal, They were going to vote for McCain anyway because they would never vote for a black guy with a funny name.

So they will be more enthused. So what. Where is the new energy and new voting strength from the shrinking conservative base?

The new voters, and the new energy, in this election is still coming from new Democratic voters.

Does anybody in their right mind think that women who voted for Hillary, based on her positions on issues like a woman's right to choose, foreign policy and health care, would suddenly lose their minds and vote for McCain/Palin just becuase Palin has a vagina.

That assumption is so insulting to women that it boggles the mind.

This is one woman, a strong Hillary supporter, who will not be deceived.

I will be voting for the Obama/Biden ticket -- and no cheap political stunt is going to change my mind.