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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easton Johns Getting Their Cars Back

Judge Emil Giordano recently sent an Easton streetwalker to prison for two years. It was her fourth offense. "I told you this had to stop. It's ridiculous. The city of Easton is fed up with the prostitution trade and I don't blame them." Easton Johns are getting a much happier ending.

In the wake of barrister Gary Asteak's lawsuit, which challenges Easton's new seizure ordinance as cruel and very unusual punishment, the city has decided to play it safe. Every car seized so far is being returned. Mayor Sal Panto confirmed late today that, after meeting with the police chief and city lawyer, he decided this is the safest way to proceed as Asteak's lawsuit meanders its way from tribunal of first guess to court of final error. "Let the lawyers duke it out."

Hizzoner insists, however, that the city's new "No Humping" signs are still being installed at strategic locations.

At least I can get my bicycle back!


Anonymous said...

Good for the pros! All Panto has done since he crawled back into office is attempt to stifle two businesses with the most staying power in his economically challenged city (i.e. prostitution and The Hubcap Store).

Anonymous said...

WOW, you must be like the scumbags you are protecting. Thank God we now have someone in City Hall that "gets it!" Since taking office in January the Mayor has done more for the average hard-working citizen than in the last decade. Cudos and keep up the good work. People like the hookers and HubCap store are the ones that have given our city a bad reputation.