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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Was Hershman Political Ad Censored in Allentown?

Bethlehem has none of these. Neither does Easton. Alone among the Lehigh Valley's three cities, Allentown has bragging rights to a very flashy and sophisticated 12' x 24' electronic LED billboard, strategically located at downtown's busiest intersection, 7th & Hamilton Streets.

Very avant-garde, eh?

But do Allentown city officials control what you see on that billboard? That's what city councilman and Bill White Hall of Fame member Lou Hershman claims. I was walking the streets of Allentown, hoping I could snap a few pictures of Chris Casey stumbling out of a Dunkin' Donuts, and heard the story in passing. I decided to check it out.

Hershman tells me he decided to advertise his city controller campaign at this billboard last Spring. Not long after he started, the building's then owner was reminded by unnamed city officials that his permit was still temporary and could be pulled. So the owner pulled Hershman instead.

Very 1984, eh?

Why didn't he raise holy hell then, or at least write a memo? Hershman had no desire to make trouble for the building's then owner, and only knows what he was told. He never confronted the city.

He should.


michael molovinsky said...

lou was always pushy about the taxpayers money, not his own agenda, the mayor now has his "own" controller.

Pamela Varkony said...

A little off-topic, but that sign is an abomination and should have never been allowed. I can't imagine what the Zoning Board was thinking to have approved it. Easton and Bethlehem are lucky that no one, especially that powerful, well-known raconteur, Bernie Pektor, has suggested defiling their downtowns.

michael molovinsky said...

pam, the sign sort of fell between the cracks, because it not on hamilton, but 7th, it was not under the hamilton st. sign ordinance, but under general bill board regulation. i personally don't feel it is offensive, but respect your viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

I know the owners of the building and I know Lou. Believe Lou as the owner is a squirrel, though his bride is forthright and sweet.

Bring back Lou!