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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Photographic Evidence of Nonexistent Sleaze Campaign Against Angle

Although he has snarked Ron Angle before Northampton County Council and at town halls in Pen Argyl and Nazareth, John Maher still disingenuously claims he's running a positive campaign. "I am running a very positive campaign. Someone else in the district has taken up the banner. It's not part of my campaign."

Well, the above picture speaks 1,000 words to the contrary. It is an entire pallet full of sleaze mailers, from the "Maher" camp, directed at Angle. It is being funded by McClure, Dertinger and Perin. Their little artist? Why, none other than Tom Severson, the Darth Vader of Sleaze. Both Maher and Tony Branco admit, at least to me, that they are using him.


WindGapper said...

Great photo Bernie!

Did you get the "Not Many People can say that they took on Wal-Mart and Won" mailer from John Maher? It is the one he handed out at the PAACC Candidates' Night in Pen Argyl. He mailed it out without a readable disclaimer - we received it yesterday. This should not be allowed. We told him about this in Pen Argyl. It's bad enough he handed it out like that but now he mailed it all over too.

Considering all the swirling sleaze around him, you'd think he'd at least want to follow the rules somewhat, being that he is from the corporate culture and all of that good stuff.

Anonymous said...

What does that picture say other than Maher name is there? What is inside is anybodys guess. Methinks a screw is loose in Bernies world. Obsession has taken over BOH's will.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 5:35,

What this photo shows is that entire pallets of sleaze mail are coming from the Maher camp in a very organized and sophisticated campaign directed at Angle. It is impossibe to believe, as Maher claims, that he is not behind it.

Anonymous said...

It also says "pay raise." That don't sound like a happy go-lucky, one hundred percent positive political flier to me.

Unless John Maher wants a payraise from the taxpayers?

Is Maher a pay-raiser?