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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Schimmel's Election Day Woes

Northampton County Controller John T. Schimmel, who's facing a serious challenge from Democratic upstart Steve Barron, is in trouble. Someone is taking his signs down. Amazingly, it's people in his own party.

Several county Republicans, upset to learn that hardball political consultant Tom Severson is working Schimmel's campaign, have removed several hundred campaign signs that they, themselves, had previously planted for him.

Hell hath no fury like a Republican scorned.


Tom Foolery said...

That's pathetic...I can't stand Severson either but Schimmel's is one heck of a nice guy.. People are idiots!

Anonymous said...

So is this guy really connected to DiGiacinto/Rooney?

Anonymous said...

So is this guy really connected to DiGiacinto/Rooney?

Anyone? Beuller....?

Anonymous said...

So is this guy really connected to DiGiacinto/Rooney?

OK, then, I'm not voting today, if you won't help a poor ignorant voter.

Billy Givens said...

If Schimmel goes down today in flames, it could be attributed to his August 4, 2006, audit report, exposing the corruption of Northampton County officials and Alvin H. Butz Inc., but delaying the report six years too late since Glenn Reibman and Co. floated the illegal $111 million MOAB (Mother Of All Bonds, not the U.S. Air Force's Massive Ordnance Air Blast weapon of massive destruction and successor to the infamous "daisy cutter" projectile of the Viet Nam War).

Bernie O'Hare said...

So far as I know, Schimmel is in no way connected to DiGiacinto or to TJ.

Anonymous said...

At least some Rs are taking a shower this election day. Morganelli, and some other Ds who won't denounce Severson's tactics should bust out their deodorant as well.

Good work keeping the information flowing on all of this, Bernie. I'm certainly better informed about local issues because of your work - although I'm also a lot more pissed off at some of these guys.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 4:52,

I very much appreciate the compliment. I had hoped to provide good election coverage, including the campaign finance and tactics being used. I also tried to cover the seven appellate judges up for statewide retention.

The past two weeks have been quite hectic, and I hope to resume my regular schedule tomorrow or the next day.

But I know this much. People are really hungry. They really do want to know what is going on. I believe the MSM really is a disappointment when it comes to election coverage.

On Sunday, the MC gave its endorsement for appellate judges seeking retention. That's fine, but it never prepared a single profile of those seven judges. We elect them for ten year terms. In some cases, they literally have the power of life and death. It is disappointing to see such little attention paid to those important races.

If you news google them, you won't see a single profile, excepting Saylor.

Now the MSM will be wagging its finger at apathetic voters when it has failed to inform them and, in some cases, has belittled those important campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Schimmel didn't have any signs at the Bethlehem polls we were at and no poll coverage.... i think hes going to get killed!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:36,

I think it will be close and will depend on the slatre belt. He could not expect to win in Beth as he lost there last time, too. In order to win, Schimmel has to do very well in the slate belt. Barron has made some inroads. Are they enough? Barron ran a good campaign, but his budget was limited. Did he spend enough to upset an incumbent?