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Thursday, July 12, 2007

King Midas Meets Congressional Wannabe Sam Bennett

I'll call him Midas.

Midas was a wealthy man. Everything he touched turned to gold. He had made oodles of money in Lehigh Valley's competitive business world, but had always yearned to be a craftsman, the artiste.

In his twilight years, that's exactly what he did. He was very proud of his work, too. But what would others think? He decided to find out, as an artisan, in Allentown's annual Mayfair festival. He bought himself a fancy little tent and set up shop.

As it turns out, the filthy little bastard was a smashing success at that, too. Doesn't it make you sick? Dollar bills trailed from his pockets when Mayfair was over.

Not long after that, Midas got a frantic call from Mayfair's executive director. Her name was Sam Bennett. She wanted him to come to her house and perform a household chore. He declined. She insisted. He still demurred.

About six months later, when he applied to participate in Mayfair again, exec director Sam Bennett wrote to tell him his work was just not up to Mayfair standards, and rejected him.

If this is the way she operated at Mayfair, imagine what damage she could do in Congress!


Blah Society said...

So this was the tip you received...

Sadly, as we're discovering, this seems to be her style. Unfortunately, Bennett's political description is only that of self-benefit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story. Name names, please. Would really like to know who Midas is.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:11,

I don't wish to disclose King Midas' true identity because he is not political, but think that little story says everything any of us ever need to know about Bennett.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton-Sam Bennett '08.... what a beautiful disaster.

Anonymous said...


Madame President (Get Used To It!!)

Anonymous said...


My damn president (duck and cover)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:03....

Keep drinking the cool-aid. Bottom line: Too many Dems will flee her. 52% say we won't consider voting for her. It's a fool's crusade to support the "ice queen."

Anon 7:42: And I suppose you'd rather one of the GOP quacks? Wake up.

Anonymous said...


"Anon 7:42: And I suppose you'd rather one of the GOP quacks? Wake up."

You got that out my message? You don't seem that enamored with Hillary yourself. I suppose that means YOU prefer an R?


Bernie O'Hare said...

Anons, I wish Al would announce. I'd support him in a heartbeat. I'd support Clinton, too ... Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...


Right now, I'd hold my nose and vote GOP if Hillary is nominated. That said, there is not one person in their field that I want to ever be President. I'm undecided about how I'd vote on the other Dems, for the most part. I'd vote for Biden and Dodd. I'd probably still end up voting for Edwards and Obama, but I'm not a fan of either.

Bernie, you're right. Run, AL RUN!

Anonymous said...

Barring an Al Gore run which I feel many of us Dem.'s would support, I would like to see Richardson get the nod. He's got good idea's , smart, experience.
I know the problem is no money, no name recognition. He's a second or third teir cand. Thats why I hate these damn teirs. We always get the splashy candidates and many great candidates don't get the attention. It's not about creme rising thats just BS. Even locally from town councils, mayors, county executives right up to congress. A real shame some good ,smart, level headed people who can articulate an issue and without ghosts in the closet are out there. Sorry for the rant but I agree with much of what you guys are saying. If Hillary would go back to her early days as a DEMOCRAT and promote some form of health care reform I could support her, even though I agree that half the folks out threr will not vote for her no matter what. In fact I think some Repub.s would vote for Castro before her.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:09,

You have good sound reasoning, although I don't like your candidate. He's got a long resume, but no accomplishments in any of them really (see his failed North Korea treaty, his energy department stewardship, and governorship.). However, he is a far superior candidate to the top 3, you are right, and you have good reasons for your argument.

At this point, just to watch some party bosses suffer, I almost hope Hillary and Sam are on the general election ballot around here. That would be funny.