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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daily Kos Drumming Up Money for Bennett

Some well-meaning poster at Daily Kos has just suggested "we should shower funds on Bennett ... so she can sprout and be strong enough to prevail next year."

Dude, she's already sprouted! Dandelions and crabgrass are everywhere!

Promoting a Sam Bennett congressional campaign, financially or otherwise, will just guarantee a major Democratic disappointment in 2008. My major fear is not that she will be trounced, but that she will drag down some worthy state house candidates with her.

She neeeds to step down. Better that no one run than her.


Blah Society said...

Has there been any update on that panel she was going to waste money on - I mean hire - to figure out why her salary was so high at POM in the first place?

Tom Foolery said...

Bernie, you said you thought I was being less than reasonable in a Bennett article earlier this past week. Now it must be your turn..Their is zero chance in hell that Bennett will affect a house race at all..You know as well as I do that the house and senate have been so gerrymandered that Bennett affecting a race other than her own is not possible..I want the pop tart back..

Chris Casey said...

I've read many comments today, and it is readily apparent that many people are drinking some very special KoolAid. Why do I get the feeling that the "Produceman" who wrote that post on Daily Kos has no idea about the local politics in Lehigh? He refers to an "impressive" resume? He has no idea what's in the news here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tom Foolery,

1) I gave you the pop tart back last week.

2) A continued Bennett candidacy can and will affect LV state house races. Beyer, Grucela and Mantz are the three seats that could go either way. Grucela is very good, but his district had too many Gruppo years to be a safe seat.

3) I will readily concede I am full of shit, but I think we'd be better off running no one than her.

Bernie O'Hare said...


"Produceman," the poster at daily Kos, is not local. He has already acknowledged he should have checked Bennett out a little more closely. Looks like he's looking a little more closely now and is asking whether there is anyone out there who can run ... and win.

I say no.

Sure, there are candidates who could beat Dent, but they won't challenge him.

Anonymous said...

Ugh; the Daily Dross? Someone needs to open a can of 'fairness doctrine' on that blog!

BethlehemDem said...

Why won't good candidates challenge Dent?

My theory is that everyone thinks Dent is beatable but to be able to do it would require a hard fought campaign, that may get ugly. I think the top Dems have too much to lose even if they won the election.

And to those who say that an underfunded Dertinger came close to beating Dent, I say Dertinger could have spent $500,000.00 and he would not have gotten many more votes. I personally think the less people knew about Dertinger the more appealing he was.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Would you agree my 8 year old gray stray cat running as a Dem would get 40% of the vote against Mr.Dent. Sam's site is up-dated at www.bennett2008.com Check out the choir photos they are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bernie, Stop beating up on poor little Sammy. You are ruining her (latest)fundraising scam.

So what if Daily Kos readers give her money? At least it is not money coming out of our pockets in the form of tax dollars to her POM scam.

You know she is only going to keep raising money until she hits the $100K mark and then she will drop out and pocket all she has raised to pay off personal debts and loans from her past campaigns.

That's why nobody will be able to stop her until she raises enough to make it worth HER while to get out. Remember, it is all about HER, not the people she supposedly wants to "represent" in Congress.

Better she should spread the damage nationally through Daily Kos. Then at least it all isn't coming from around here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Real World, The very first pic is Sam and hge buddy, Rendell. I finally saw the choir, last pic.
There's some great stuff in there. I'm gonna' have some fun.

Yes, your cat could pull 40% even if dead. But not Bennett.

Anonymous said...

yeah a dead cat did named dertinger

Anonymous said...

the fact that dertinger rendell or Casey did nothing to help any of the state candidates, In the 15th who were outside the city of Allentown and Bethlehem probally did cost the party one or two seats in the state house.

Anonymous said...

and probally my have actually cost Dertinger the seat

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:50, 8:01, 8:03,

Dertinger. To know him is not to love him.

Based on what I've seen of him on county council, the LV can thank its lucky stars it did not send him to congress.

Julian Stolz said...

Beyer's seat will not be affected by that race as Karen will be long gone after the primary.

Will Mantz even still be alive?

Grucela...he needs to consider a change of venue...and I don't mean County Executive.

Wanna beat Charlie?? Lisa B is still your best shot. I know plenty of R's who love her.

Overlook the Bernie K. affair. It's still free speach isn't it?

Anonymous said...

OK Bernie,

I just puked in my cereal. Len Zito is endorsing Sam Bennett. Look at her website!

I am going to inject heroin now, because Northampton County politics just hit an all-time low.

BethlehemDem said...

Anon 8:01, I agree that the Coordinated Campaign (the fancy name for the Rendell/Casey/Democratic effort last fall) did little to help guys like Chris Casey and Russ Shade, and in fact probably hurt them.

I am not sure if it cost Dertinger the election. I do not think he could have won. He was the alternative to the Republican in a year that was anti-republican.

Julian, what do you mean that "Karen will be long gone after the primary"? Is she facing a challenger in the primary?

Anonymous said...

"The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them." - Karl Marx

Bernie O'Hare said...


My statement re Grucela, Beyer, Mantz has nothing to do with the relative merits of those state reps. Grucela happens to be my state rep, and I think he's one of the best. My point was merely to counter Tom Foolery, who thinks all incumbents are in gerrymandered districts. I think those three seats are in play.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:40,

It's no surprise for me to see Lenny Zito's name. I've said before he's a good party boy. That's why county council was nuts to reject his opinion. Danny Cohen kicked in some bucks, too. I guess they're just grateful they have a candidate, any candidate.

But I'll be sure to thank these "supporters" next time I see them.

Anonymous said...

From Anon 9:40

I just really respected Len Zito. Now I can't imagine why he would endorse Sam Bennett, other than blind faith. Did you read her stance on issues?

Take for example, immigration. Her stance is, "I don't want to build a wall." Well, no shit Sherlock! She doesn't have anything better to say than that! She clearly lacks any vision.

Her website is clearly DC consulting. I just think we hit an all-time low here in this candidate. I'm so disillusioned.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:04,

I'm going to have to spend a little time looking at that site tonight! Zito is a good soldier, and will listen to party bosses. I've noted that about him just a few weeks ago. He can always be counted on to kick in a few bucks, too.

Anonymous said...

until the democratic party learns how to function outside of the cities. We will never beat Dent or anyother republican.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem Dem - sorry buddy, but Chris Casey and Russ Shade lost very much on their own merits. Given the registration in the district, Casey had virtually no chance anyways...and what did he raise, less than $5,000? Russ Shade did no better. The coordinated campaign had NOTHING to do with their loss - there is no one to blame but the candidates themselves (and their lack of funds) for that one.

Anonymous said...

it's why the party needs to have functionality in lehigh and northampton county that is seperate from "coordinated campaign" Coordinated campaign= state level or federal candidates only and the few candidates that are in targeted areas which in the end means the cities.

Anonymous said...

It's hard if not impossible for candidates to raise money when the state party is stabbing candidates in the back, going to major donors and bad mouthing them more or less black listing candidates because they wouldn't kiss Dewesse's ring, or simply because Dewesse or some party officer didn't like them or simply felt your race was a waste of time. IN that case the only way to run a campaign is to be self funding.

Julian Stolz said...


I know. I wasn't really attempting to correct you. Just making a comment tis all.


Could be. Email me and we'll talk more.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Got it. Nice to hear from you, you Republican prick!! My subliminal messages don't seem to be working.

Anonymous said...

Agree on the Casey Shade deal. The Valley is a pick and choose area. In the general a certain percentage of votes will be pure party but there are many votes that swing based on the candidate.
I can't speak to the Casey race. But with Shade, even with the press running interference, far to much was read into the Stoffa win and way, way to much credit for Stoffa given to Shade who had his own credibility issues.

BethlehemDem said...

Anon 10:45,
I cannot argue with you that the Shade and Casey may not have had enough funding. The problem the coordinated campaign made was that those candidates were shut out of key volunteers and key contributors. Those candidates were sold a bill of goods by the coordinated campaign and I do not believe it delivered. Sure, the people running the coordinated campaign claimed success because the top of the ticket won, but it was not as successful as it could have been.

Anonymous said...

no i think stabbed in the back is more apporiate terminology. The coordinated campaign looted the volunteer list of both the Casey and Shade campaign. As well as sent out fundraising letter and made phone calls using their name claiming that were doing this to fund their local rep candidates and then used the money for other races