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Monday, July 16, 2007

Express Times Condemns Norco Council's Decision to Snub its own Lawyer

On Friday, I told you about Northampton County Council's decision to reject the advice of its own lawyer. Their ridiculous conclusion was that listening to their own lawyer's legal advice might set a bad precedent.

Although it's no precedent, The Express Times has strongly condemned council's thought processes, claiming it "makes old-timers pine for the day when the county government was run by three commissioners."

"Stoffa has the power to reject bids, so he didn't have to seek council's blessing. But he did, in keeping with his low-key style of inclusive governing. Now the council -- which in previous years bellyached about being kept out of the loop -- can't bring itself to make a pragmatic, money-saving decision. Probably because it involves admitting that someone else had a better idea."

As councilperson Ann McHale shouted, "Nice guys finish last." That's what she thinks of inclusive governing.


Anonymous said...

usally i agree with ANN MCHALE i don't in this instance however i need to hear her reasoning behind her comments shes a bright woman and one i respect and admire.we are all intitled to a mistake . she may have misspoken i don't know. all the condemnation should stop, we should all learn how to work for the greater good together. maybe then something would get accomplished. it's hard to achieve that with people jumping down your throat. a lot of that seems to go on down at the county really it should stop, john stoffa isn't any help at all. seems ron angle is the only person with any guts at all he sees to it things get done and corrected thankfully we have him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nobody was jumping down Ann's throat, but she sure was jumping down others. We're all entitled to have an off day. I'll agree with that. But frankly, I think a county exec hopeful was afraid of looking like she screwed up. So now, instead of looking like someone who made a mistake, she looks like someone who made a mistake and is mean-spirited to boot.

Anonymous said...

Stoffa affords numerous opportunities to question his decisions. This was not one of those times. In the heat of the moment, this Council showed itself. BO, whether you like it or not, the only bright bulb up there is Angle. Ann, Dowd and the rest are all praised as intelligent, but wheres the record to prove it. This County Council is one of the dumbest to come around in years. Amen

Anonymous said...

perhaps Reibman's attempts to minimize council's involvement in the process is more understandable now

Anonymous said...

PA 18104 03/13/2007 2300.00 COMPUTER AID/OWNER 27930568778
PA 18104 03/13/2007 2300.00 COMPUTER AID/OWNER 27930568777
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These are donations to Republican Charles Dent. Is this why Stoffa wants a rebid? To support his Republican cronies in Lehigh County. He is the owner of one of the three companies bidding. Three companies bid for the contract: Computer Aid Inc. of Allentown, $9,151,000; CMC Americas, Baton Rouge, La., $9,287,652; and Affiliated Computer Services of Dallas, $10,002,873.

DemoThug said...

Republican cronies??


((snark on)) Anon sure knows John Stoffa well. ((snark off))

Anybody who thinks that Norco's IT contract would be a boondoggle for CAI is nuts. Sure, they would take the contract if they won the bid, but CAI will do just fine without it.

What's at stake here is the current financial rape being whipped on the taxpayers by Council.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:53,

I actually wrote a blog. blog about all of Salavaggio's contributions to Republicans. He will throw a bone to the dems now and then, but he doesr facor the Rs. I noted it all.

Politics should have nothing to do with the bidding process. In factm, the bidding process is set up to avoid politics. In this case, the hacks on Northampton County Council injected politics where it does not belong. They attempted to pull a "pay to play" in reverse. They wanted to punishe the low bidder merely because he's a big-time R. Stoffa, on the other hand, is interested in "the best interests" of the county. It could be that ACS is in the best interests of the county when all is said and done, but it is only logical to conclude theat the more choices you hacve, the more likely it is that you will get what you want. In this instance, council attempted to deprive the county of that choice.

Incidentally, do yourself a favor, go the courthouse, and see how Stoffa is registered.

Partisan politics is fine so long as it does not interfere with good government. There's very little need for partisan politics on a county level. But there's a big need for good government.