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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Congressional Wannabe Bennett: Has Her NonProfit Funding Been Yanked?

Last week, The Morning Call told us state senator Pat Browne is complaining to Rendell about Sam Bennett's questionable $110 thousand salary. He wants it stopped until someone reviews "compensation practices" at Properties of Merit.

Has that happened?

This morning, an anonymous commenter passed along one of those rumors. "I heard that Bennett is being investigated by the Attorney General and that the funding for her program has been cut off. Can anybody verify?"

I can't verify the rumor, but do know this. Just a few days ago, Bennett called someone close to her, begging for money, claiming she has none.

Coincidence? You decide.


Anonymous said...

If this is true, great political move by the AG.

First off, the obvious is that he kills a Dem Congressional hopeful by putting her into an investigation during the campaign.

Second off, if John Morganelli runs, and wins the nomination this time, he would threaten Corbett due to his strong stands on illegal immigration and penalizing violent criminals. What better way to take him off his game than to make him say he supports the investigation of his local congressional nominee, or of course, that he doesn't support it. Either way is bad for him. Cut his base, or cut the swing voters. Great politics by Corbett.

Maybe Tom Corbett isn't such a dunce after all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gee, anon, lets talk about Corbett and his lack of enthusiaism towards investigating Republican officeholders who steal in office. And Tom is big buddies with Asher, one of the biggest PA R crooks in history. Nah, Tom has no baggage!

Anonymous said...

It would seem as the Bennett candidacy for Congress is finished.Who will the Demo's put in to pinch-hit.I no longer live in Allentown and I try to keep up with the blogs for my intel.

Chris Casey said...

We are still 16 months from the general and 10 from the primary, and 7 from petition time. It's too early to count anyone out. The National Committee is invo;ved in candidate recruitment, I say wait until January 1st and see who decides to get on the field.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Real World,

That could be the subject of several separate posts. Here's some of the names I've heard mentioned: Lisa Boscola (DOA); Jenn Mann (doubtful); John Callahan (a real threat, but unlikely); Don Cunningham. (governor); John Morganelli (AG); Tom Wallitsch (making too much $).

Most of what we call "first tier" candidates have other interests.

Now we could get someone from the business sector or academia step forward. That's what Ritter and Toomey both did, and they were very successful. But I haven't heard any names.

BethlehemDem said...

Bernie- Callahan would not run because he has another term as mayor available and has stated he wants to be in office during the BethWorks and casino development.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, what is your E-mail? Something you may want to know

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

What are Cunningham's chances of winning the governor's nomination? The way I figure, he has to hope that no heavy-hitters get in and become the "Philly candidate" (i.e. get the backing of Rendell) to win the nomination.
Any thoughts?

You seem pretty happy that Sam's broke, Bernie.

Anonymous said...

It would seem odd to me that Corbett (the Attorney General) would cut off funding. Seems more like the domain of Auditor General Jack Wagner or the State Treasurer (Robin Whatshename).

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have to admit I am. I'm perpetually broke, too. It's no big deal. But I'm not running for congress. And she should not ewither. She's an opportunist of the worst kind.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:18,

Agreed, And there's a mighty big if here. This is just a rumor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:44,

I got your tip back channel and will look into it. If it pans out, you'll see something tomorrow or Friday.


Anonymous said...

I said it before and repeat it again, hopefully for the last time, (breathe on glass and if fogs up) you can be a County Chair of any local Party! I know b/c I was an NC Party Chair '86-'88! The days of political Party folks having any power are past! Current NC D Party Chair, Joe Long does not yet realize it! Joe Long tries to intimidate folks into his way of thinking & some folks fall for his crap. Joe Long can't ever possibly "deliver" a few votes to any candidate, anytime whatsoever! What part of this people do not understand, I will never know! I do know for certain that there are many local Party folks who are dedicated and "can" assist candidates delivering many votes, but they are very few and far between these days! Folks only need to know who they are, and ask for their help! Joe Long is not one of them, trust me! details upon request! larry@kisslinger.com

Anonymous said...

Bernie - thanks, I appreciate your discretion.


Anonymous said...

Would not Mayor Callahan have a free shot at running for Congress he seems very secure with the voters in Bethlehem.All the names I see would not risk it.When does the Draft Rick Orloski start

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Was Bennett calling the person close to her and begging for money for POM or her Congressional campaign or was it for herself personally?

LVDem said...

Cunningham has as good a shot as any to run for governor. There is no power person this year. And Rendell wasn't considered to be a power person in 2002. The smart money was on Casey back then.

Jack Wagner will run, as will Dan Onorato, both from Allegheny County. They will split the western support. Connie Williams could run out of the SE. Dougherty in Scranton might run. As you see, most of the candidates are regional candidates. The GOP has Corbett as a probability, assuming he gets through the AG election in 08. But the hard core conservatives can't stand him. We all know how well the last AG did when he ran for governor. Otherwise, all the GOP has are regional candidates or Pat Toomey (who probably couldn't win another congressional race after his dash to the far right).

2010 is wide open, but Cunningham has been raising money since December.

But somebody is right to point out that Callahan could probably run, lose and still return to Bethlehem and be fine next time around there. Of course, what happens if he wins becomes interesting b/c BethWorks is like a child to him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:15, It was for herself, not her POM.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Really? For herself personally? Guess working the street (for POM and Congress) just isn't working out for her, huh?

Anonymous said...

LV Dem,

I hate Pat Toomey, but he would have easily held that seat in 2004. 2006? I don't know, but I don't think 2008 will be as good as 2006. Especially if Hillary Clinton is the Presidential Nominee. You'll see Dems like me fleeing the party for the election. For that matter, the middle isn't that enamored with Barack or Edwards either.

LVDem said...

2004 Toomey would have held the seat. 2006 he would have been done. Charlie Dent's argument in 2006 was that he wasn't a bad republican.

2008 could go either way. Depends on Iraq and the vision our nominee puts forward.

Obama has a good vision. Edwards has a good vision, but is tainted by 2004. I don't know what Clinton's vision. Her claim is that she's the best candidate. Well, Kerry and Gore argued the same thing (and they were right), but they didn't share a vision of any kind. One thing that Dems are really bad at doing is expressing a vision. Listen to Obama some day (I've seen him in person) and you hear a vision. for the record, the GOP candidates this year have failed to articulate a vision b/c Iraq is still a problem for them. Bush had a vision in 2000 and 2004. His solutions horrible, but he won b/c he had a strong vision.

The middle can buy into a progressive agenda. We just have to give it to them. Not a laundry list of solutions and assertions that we are more qualified, but a vision that inspires. That's how elections are won.

Anonymous said...

LVDem, I hate to tell you, but Barack's a loser in a national race. His "inspiration" is empty rhetoric. He has no record, no experience, and his whole stump speech is fluff (I've seen him in person too). All of that garbage about "politics of hope" is empty, because he backs it up with very little new concrete proposals. It's all rhetoric. Edwards, on the flip side, has no soul to run on. He wrote the resolution to go to war, but now wants to be the anti-war hero. He's Kerry,but even worse. Don't let the southern accent charm you. Both are losers.

As for Hillary, I just don't like her, and neither does most of America. She's also without a soul, but is also even more polarizing.If she is nominated, the next election is not about George the failure, but about "Bubba's wife." We lose, and badly. The left hates her, the right hates her, the middle hates her. She'll lose PA.

Say what you will, vision is not what wins elections, but perceptions. The GOP will crush our "first tier," they are all deeply flawed. I'm sorry, as a Dem, I have to admit it. They all suck. Let's hope Gore runs, as right now he'd be our only hope of winning the election.

What does this all mean about our congressional? I don't buy your assertion that Toomey would have lost, as he won in a bad GOP year in 1998, and was viewed favorably by the suburban, white males that vote in the Valley. He still is too. IF the candidates we have now are nominated, Charlie Dent will win a record-breaking laugher against Sam Bennett, while the GOP sweeps back into the White House. It'll be a sad day, but if our Dems keep voting "inspiration," or "with their hearts," we will be a losing party forever, because we have week candidates.

Anonymous said...

Obama is more fluff than Bush was? Do you really think voting for "inspiration" or "with their hearts" is worse than "who you'd like to have a beer with?"

Remember, this is a country where an ex-bodybuilder/ bad actor with no previous political experience became governor of the largest state of the Union. Like it or not, one can win an election on fluff. "Vision" controls "perception." The GOP top tier is also fairly flawed and depending on the team the Dem. candidate has around him/her, the weaknesses can be exploited. All of the top tier Dems have a decent shot against all of the GOP top tier, if they're willing to play hardball.

lvdem, I didn't know that there was another western candidate in the race. Actually, I've only heard that Onorato and Cunningham were running, so thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:53,

While I know that Dems really and truly want to believe that Obama or Hillary could win, I assure you, they can't. That sound is every moderate Dem in America voting GOP and being disgusted with themselves, or worse yet, just saying the hell with voting.

Perception is controlled by a great ground game, good media team, and unfortunately, irrational public sentiment. Yes, who you want to have a beer with should matter for President. This person represents America to the world. Obama's "Fluff" will kill him, because people already don't think he is experienced enough. He's this cycle's Dean, guaranteed to crash and burn in Iowa.