Friday, May 12, 2006

To State Elections Officials: Thanks - for Nothing!

Election Day is only two business days away. In the Lehigh Valley, there are only 3 contested elections for state office. In two of those three districts, state elections officials have still not listed the campaign finance reports on the net.

This certainly defeats the purpose. Why bother at all?

State campaign finance laws clearly require state candidates to file copies of their reports in their home districts, but astonishingly, most local elections officials don't seem to know that. In Lehigh County, I was flatly told that state candidates need not file reports. And in Northampton County, I was told they only do so as a courtesy.

Instead of running around the Lehigh Valley with cardboard checks, local and state officials should spend a little money to make sure that campaign finance reports are listed on the internet within hours of being filed, and should take a little time to make sure that local elections officials understand the laws they supposedly administer.

Election Eve Update

With the election now only a few short hours away, the campaign finance reports for the 133rd state rep. race have not yet posted on the Internet. Given the controversy concerning Rybak's report, this is a completed abdication of responsibility by state elections officials.

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Gort said...

Good point. The state site is hard to navigate and the loval one's are a joke.