Friday, May 19, 2006

Excuse me, Officer, Can You Tell Me How to Get to 78?

Lately, it seems as though local police may need additional manpower just to police themselves. We've had police shootings in Easton and Allentown, one cop pointing a loaded revolver at another in Bethlehem, and a bizarre police cover-up in Moore Township. But if you think we've got problems, check this out!


Gort said...

I saw this earlier today. I think this a part of the revolt in PA. I'm tired of the government sniffing up my ass. Dem or Rep, Lib or Con. We all agree.

bwsnyder said...

This doesn't surprise me. Maryland is also the state where police use night vision goggles to enforce seat belt use.


If you can't catch real criminals, then just redefine what a criminal is. Catching drug dealers and murderers is way too hard so, instead, police go after the easy catch.