Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Coal Cracker to Code Cracker

As a Bethlehem housing inspector, the mere mention of Suzanne Borzak's name was enough to strike fear in the hearts of many a landlord. She had a reputation for being tough, but fair. Now she's Bethlehem's new Zoning Officer, and attended her first meeting on March 28.

A proud coal cracker from Schuylkill County, Borzak has 17 years of experience in planning, zoning and code enforcement. She credits her coal region roots with giving her a strong work ethic.

"I'm still a coal cracker," she said during a break in the testimony, as her piercing blue eyes looked right through lawyers and engineers.

She's also a grandmother.


Paul Newman said...

Her eyes are BLUE.
Good Luck in your new position Sherry

Bernie O'Hare said...

Paul, She may even have you beat in that category.

Chis Crossed said...

take no prisoners, BUT be mindful of your superiors

Ken Kraft said...

Good luck in your new position, I know you have a great group of zoning board members and you will all work together well, Congratulations