Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Congressional Candidate Matt Cartwright Visits Easton

Matt Cartwright
When Congressman Tim Holden visited Easton in January, he was introduced by DA John Morganelli. Even though Holden made his appearance at the Courthouse Rotunda, Northampton County Executive John Stoffa was snubbed.  So was the rest of County Council, even though 75% of the Budget comes from federal and state funds.

Last night, Holden's primary opponent visited Easton, too. Instead of being introduced by Morganelli, this Moosic lawyer was introduced by the NAACP, which hosted a meet-and-greet at Trinity Episcopal Church. Nobody was snubbed. Not even bottom feeding bloggers.

His name is Matt Cartwright, and he's running for Congress in our now-Balkanized Lehigh Valley Congressional districts.

Cartwright has been practicing law in Northeastern Pa. for the last 25 years, "sticking up for working people and the middle class. Usually my opponents are big insurance companies or huge corporations, and I love beating them. My favorite companies to sue are polluters, by the way."

He's never held elected office.

Why is he running against Holden?

"The working families and middle class need somebody sticking up for them in Washington. I've been fighting for those people my entire adult life. It's work that I'm very proud of, and it's work that I can do on a much broader scale with a seat in Congress."

Holden was asked to visit the NAACP, too, and sent an email. It was read to the 17 or so people who came to this meeting, but I arrived too late to hear it. If I get a copy, I'll post it.


Lighthouse said...

A few weeks ago I visited Congressman Holden's House website. As a constituent of his new Lehigh Valley territory I wanted to reach out with a few questions before the primary. His "contact me" link required a zip code, and my Lehigh Valley zip code was rejected as INVALID, and I could not proceed any further. So I tried a campaign website, and have not heard back.

If for no other reason, I will have to check out Mr. Cartwright, and see if he care about the concerns of the LV residents.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers and teachers should not be permitted to serve. They are most of what's wrong with government. No thanks, Matt.

Shane Seaver said...


Feel free to reach out to Matt and the campaign. You can reach us at 570-371-3870.

We also have an office open at 355 Ferry Street, please feel free to stop by for more information.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Lighthouse, I had the same problem. I was told to reach out to Holden via his campaign, and will do so soon.

Lighthouse said...

Good luck with that Bernie. When I reached out to Holden via the same campaign website you linked a few weeks ago I never heard back.

I will say that whenever I have reached out to Rep. Dent's office--even if not always in agreement--they have always had a timely response. Having the staff to do so would be an advantage an incumbent has--but that's same one Holden should have too. Right or wrong, it leaves the perception of the LV being like new unwanted stepchildren of the 17th District.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I know Matt personally,he is really smart and all around good guy. He is very down to Earth, and incredibly well read.

Matt is also not a knee-jerk person, he thinks issues through and takes the most reasonable stand.

I think a "bottom feeding blooger" like you Bernie would enjoy talking to Matt in depth.

Matt has more in common with the people in the Valley Gerrymandered into our district than Holden does. Holden came to the Monroe County Democratic Committee and kept talking about our "rural community", "this is not an urban community like Philadelphia". Sad day for him, Monroe County is the second most rapidly growing County in PA, with lots of.....URBAN PROBLEMS!

As for the person who said "lawyers and teachers should not be permitted to serve". I suggest you read this funny little document called, "the Constitution". It sounds like you have NEVER read it.

There is these pesky things called; the 1st, 14th, and 15th amendments.But thanks for suggesting a big business approved "nanny state", where the wealthy can tell us who we can and can not vote for. Good luck with Plutocracy!

Someone who has read the constitution and actually stayed awake in American History classes.

aka: Spike Rogan

Anonymous said...

can you find out if holden or cartwright supports the separation of church & state. Or are they going to be handing out condoms and the PILL on everybodys nickel? Some of us squirm when we think our insurance premiums are being paid to kill the unborn. You probably wont get any straight answers cause their politicians.

Captain Obvious Picard said...

How are condoms killing the unborn? They prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. Silly me, recalling Junior High science class.

Any other talking points spoon fed to you by the drug addled talker? Maybe that Obama is not really American born, or the grass is really blue and the sky is green? Or maybe babies come from the stork? Perhaps Santa is really a commie which is why he wears all red.

Anonymous said...

Condoms aren't killing the unborn. Ass holes who want me to pay for their condoms should be aborted, post-birth. Don't ask me to wrap your dick for you. You must take some personal responsibility.

Captain Obvious Picard said...

Great way to make your point....FAIL!

Anonymous said...

Cartwright wouldn't know middle class if one bit him in the ass. He's dumping close to a million bucks of his own money into the race and has said that buying a new car doesn't give him a thrill anymore. We don't need more out of touch millionaires in Congress.

Anonymous said...

whats he drive? ObamaGMcar or foreign import? is it really his money or lawyer superpac money? GOP backing him secretly to get a 20yr guy off congress's committees? not much info here except he can anser a telephone.

Anonymous said...

At least Cartwright has had a real job for his whole life. Holden has been feeding off the government for his whole adult life. He is a career politician and so was his father. It's time to get some new blood in there.

Anonymous said...

Where's the evidence that he's putting a million dollars into his own campaign? No one has said that... From what I've heard he has a pretty good fundraising operation

Anonymous said...

Holden called on State Democratic Reps to vote for the redistricting which split the Lehigh Valley. 37 of those Dems voted for the redistricting to help keep Holden safe. Holden may sound stupid but he has a lifetime of experience as a deal-making, conniving politician. take a look at Schuylkill County, his home county. It is a backwater dump after 20 years of Holden. Holden has never introduced a real bill except for naming a post office. Holden receved 5000 bucks from the Koch Brothers(Tea Party Founders) in his last race against Republican Dave Argall.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous and also with Anonymous. And the other Anonymous, too! @Anonymous...you are brilliant. Probably vote for Anonymous, too! After all, I'm Anonymous's mother!

Anonymous said...

I actually like Matt Cartwright, but it is too bad that he has chosen to go with the divisive rhetoric of our politicians in DC. Blame everyone else, divide and conquer. I don't begrudge a corporation, insurance company, or wealthy American the right to make money. Nor do I think that they should be taxed more. We need jobs, not tax increases. I can't think of one instance when a tax increase created one single job. I want to hear what Matt has to say, but when he starts off blaming everyone else for what is wrong in America, I shut him out. By the way, I am a registered Independent who is fed up with both parties. I'm desperately looking for a leader, but unfortunately there aren't any out there.

Anonymous said...

This gerrymandered district is ridiculous. Both Dent and Holden should be turned out. Time for refreshing the blood.