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Friday, March 23, 2012

Holden, Dent Split on ObamaCare Rollback

In a 223-181 vote, the U.S. House voted yesterday to roll back a portion of a controversial health care overhaul  passed by Congress almost exactly two years ago. LV Congressman Charlie Dent supported the measure, which abolishes a 15-member Medicare advisory panel and caps medical malpractice pain and suffering awards at $250,000. Schuylkill County Democrat Tim Holden, whose Congressional District now includes half of Northampton County, voted No.

Called the PATH (Protecting Access to Healthcare) Act, it includes a Dent-offered amendment that protects ER physicians from medical liability. "The House passed my amendment to address the growing shortage of physicians and specialists willing to work in emergency rooms by extending liability coverage to trauma professionals," claimed Dent in a statement. "These professionals are required to make quick and sometimes risky decisions based on minimal information, exposing them to an increased likelihood of litigation. The enhanced liability coverage provided by my amendment to on-call and emergency physicians will ensure critical, timely and life-saving emergency and trauma care is available to Americans when and where it is needed most."

Dent also explained that he voted to abolish a 15-member Medicare advisory panel because its "very purpose is to save money by restricting access to healthcare for Medicare beneficiaries."

I saw no statement from Congressman Tim Holden, explaining his vote, but it's academic.It will go nowhere in the Senate.


Anonymous said...

Who wrote the amendment for Dent. Is he getting his teabagger street cred?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how I am now stuck with lefty Holden. I never voted for this guy and neither did the majority around here.

Jon Geeting said...

"Health reform specifically prohibits the board from rationing health care, raising Medicare’s premiums or cost sharing, cutting benefits, or restricting eligibility. It must focus exclusively on proposals that achieve savings in the payment and delivery of health care services."

And it only kicks in if Congress isn't doing its job.

Anonymous said...

Dent is out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Costs would have been addressed but the Republicans in the senate hammered it.

Anonymous said...

When will Dent offer an amendment that eliminates insurance companies from interfering with a person’s care (getting between a Dr and patient) for the purpose of saving money? That’s right folks, a Dr. prescribes a test, a person can be in extreme pain and an insurance provider must approve it first.

I guess Healthcare is between a Dr and Patient unless and insurance company is involved.

Double Standards Charlie?

Why does the GOP support big government by opposing any provisions to negotiate drug prices for medicare? Canada does for thier program.