Tuesday, October 28, 2008

While We Sink, the Russian Bear Rises

All of this has happened in the last week.

Item: Russia offers to share air defense savvy with Cuba.

Item: Russia signs landmark oil pipeline deal with China.

Item: Russia inks oil deal with Vietnam.

Item: Russia laughs at U.S. sanctions aimed at $30 billion in arms exports to China, India, Algeria, Venezuela, Iran, Malaysia and Serbia.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Barack will handle it.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Barack will sit down and negotiate immediately with no preconditions. There's nothing to worry about.

Bob Jr said...

I'm happy that you've all finally realized Obama will be our next president. And yes, don't worry, our foreign policy will without a doubt improve and be far better than anything the Cowboy and the Maverick could achieve.

Anonymous said...

bob jr, I hope you're right but I just don't think so.

The Banker

neville chamberlain said...

Kennedy/Carter redux:

Soviets sized them quickly as a lightweights and moved quickly on Berlin and Cuba (Kennedy) and Angola, Mozambique, Grenada, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan (Carter).

Rough waters ahead when you go with the touchy-feely apologists whose constituents are very concerned with being liked.

I smell peace in our time.

Anonymous said...

Bush Administration just announced it is planning to sit in on talks with the Taliban in Afgan.

I'll see your Iranian leader meeting and raise you the Taliban.

Poor George Bush is ending his Presidency and Party the way he started, with no hope.

Anonymous said...

For one, Obama might not be so quick to put a "missile defense" in Poland. Seems to me the USA is creating a lot of the tension.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A missle defense for Poland and the Ukraine is essential to the security and stability of those nations. After the Russian bear invaded Georgia and promised to supply nuclear technology to Venezuela, it is safe to conclude that Russia is intent on reasserting itself.

If Obama is unwilling to do what it takes to keep Russia inside its own borders, he loses my vote.

My understanding is that Obama does believe in beefing up these countries. He said that in two different debates. It is Obama who warned about Georgia.

If his policy is one of appeasement, tell me now. Russia represents a serious and very real threat. I have no problem with him speaking to our enemies. We should do that. But I do have a problem if he is unwilling to do what it takes to protect countries like Poland and the Ukraine, which is in our national interest.

Anonymous said...

It could be a case of back to the seventies again, Lord help us.

Scott Armstrong

Ivan Denisovich said...

The last link comes from a Russian news source. Unlike American media, Russian media is required to 'pump up' things to make Russia look strong and right. American news tells us all is lost and over (unless we elect Barack Hussein Obama) and that countries like Cuba and N. Korea are bastions of equality and world-class health care. And, we better not anger the Russians, BHO will mend their sinister ways. Oh yea. My sources tell me that India will stop buying Russian tanks and China will stop buying Russian naval and aerospace tech. within hours of BHO being elected president. Yup. Sure. Right-o, chaps. Dear Leader-Elect will straighten this mess out. Two feet good, four feet bad.