Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shegda: This Ron is NOT For You!

Like most extremists, whether they're on the right or the left, state rep. wannabe Ron Shegda bristles at the slightest criticism. He instead surrounds himself with religious wingnuts who bring holy cards to debates. One of them damn near assaulted popular incumbent Bob Freeman over, of all things, diabetes.

I had no idea that was such a hot button issue.

Neither, apparently, do most voters. When Shegda waged a write-in campaign against Freeman two years ago, Freeman beat him 50 to 1.

This time around, Shegda's name is actually on the ballot, so Freeman's margin of victory will probably only be 40 to 1. You see, Shegda aligns himself with right wing kooks like Berks County-based state representative Sam Rohrer, a graduate of Bob Jones University. Rohrer actually sends letters instructing judges that Pennsylvania's Vehicle Code only applies to commercial vehicles. According to Rohrer, our use of an automobile is simple an extension of our liberty to move about as we wish. That's Posse Comitatus and sovereign citizen talk, baby.


Shegda also believes young people need no health insurance because they are "invincible."


As if his own extremist temperament were not enough, Shegda regularly lashes out at those who contradict him. For example, when The Express Times recently decided to endorse Freeman, Shegda slammed editor Tony Rhodin, who happens to live in that district. "Tony Rhodin, The Out of Touch Leftist, is the E-T spokesman. You would think working for Avis and Gimbels, he'd be more interested in being #1. Tony, I will debate You anytime!"

Two years ago, Shegda threatened me with libel. I'm still waiting for that suit.

But after my story about his sad performance against Bob Freeman in the Grave Cellar debate, Shegda was kind enough to copy me in a letter to one of his three or four supporters.

"You must realize
Bernie O'Hare
Is a crank short
In America's
Ongoing Revolution."

I like that. He's got that ad hominem down pretty well, but not much else.

Contrary to what he tells you, this Ron is NOT for you.


Anonymous said...

Not another dreaded scrotum head! AAAHHH!!!!

A.J.C. said...

If Shegda's elected, nobody will have a place to sit...

Anonymous said...

Variety is the spice of life. Shegda is spicy. Freeman's district deserves a real debate. Maybe next time.

A.J.C. said...

Shegda is spicy? That's a new one...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thatsa some spicy meatball!

A.J.C. said...

More like meathead...

Anonymous said...

If Shegda had any chance of coming close - because he doesn't have any chance at all - he needed to hide. As soon as you meet him you know he is a real whacko -- on the same level as Billy Givens!

A.J.C. said...

Anon 10:56,

I'd normally question a comment like yours, but it's true. He is whacko, and he is very rude.

To even suggest that young people (or anyone for that matter) don't need health insurance... how do you even respond to that?

Anonymous said...

Shegda's certainly a goof.

In fairness, however, his assertion is that many of today's young are uninsured by choice. He's right. Younger people often do not participate in company-sponsored health care programs because of a youthful feeling of physical indestructibility.

Even a broken clock is right twice per day. It's a shame when a goofy messenger distracts from a robust debate. Maybe next time.

A.J.C. said...

Anon 7:07 -

Do you have anything to support that claim about the youth not being insured?

Also, what exactly does he consider young?

I don't know anyone that thinks that way...

Anonymous said...

In my youth, 20's, I was uninsured. By choice. It was a gamble, but it did pay off for me. The cliché, 90% of heath care costs are associated with the last 10% of life.

As for what was said, I don't agree with a candidate. Just that he simply said something that sounds familiar with my life and others then in my group. A cliché, made into a joke it sounds like he delivered wrong.


Brad Moulton said...


Here's an article I saw on MSN about who (and how many) do NOT choose health insurance.

Click here for the article.

A.J.C. said...

Thanks for the link Brad, but that doesn't really defend Shegda's statement nor back up Anon 7:07.

Anonymous said...

I think Shegda is pretty he is putting his signs in Hellertown and I am sure other places without the homeowners consent. He even put political signs on his car in Saucon Valley's parade after being told it is a non political parade no vote for me signs allowed.
Who wants a state rep that can't follow simple instructions. NOT ME