Friday, February 03, 2023

Is Gracedale Two Stars or Three Stars?

According to the most recent rating by Medicare and Medicaid Gracedale has dropped from its three star rating (average) to just two ("below average"). But Administrator Jennifer Stewart-King told Northampton County Council yesterday that the home is still rated at three stars. I will try to reconcile these contrasting reports on Friday. 

Medicare and Medicaid use a five-star system to rate nursing homes throughout the country. One star means you're "much below average" while five makes you the shizizzle. 

Early in McClure's first term, Gracedale had climbed to three stars ("average.") McClure said he was aiming for five. If it has dropped to two, he's going the wrong way again. 

This is why a Gracedale performance audit is needed. 

If the online rating is accurate, staffing has dropped to one star, much below average, despite an infusion of funds for bonuses.

County Council had no questions about the rating. 


Anonymous said...

Stop pretending you care. Everyone remembers that you and your mancrush Cusick were part of th original dump Gracedale movement and would still let it die out.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. Gracedale. Hahahahahaha. Told you so. Told you so. A million times: Told you so. Those who say they care about Gracedale are those who didn't do a thing to stop the CoViD holocaust and don't care one bit about the county's elderly. Evidence: Gracedale. These people despise our elderly and don't care if they die.

Anonymous said...

Nursing home compare. Today last inspection posted June of last year. Quality measures and staffing rated at a one. Never ever been that bad. Very sad. Management needs to answer for this

Anonymous said...

You really sound like a caring person , about your self

Anonymous said...

They paid for a brand new electronic medical system which is very costly on a monthly basis and should have helped them improve their quality measures not make it go down. A few low scores in some areas could be argued are due to the population they care for but most indicate poor care and even worse documentation of that care. Most problem homes still have average quality measures. The Sad to see only a few comments as we are all judged on how we care for the most vulnerable. The staff I am sure is trying but without staff and competent knowledgeable leadership it's a loosing battle.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Jen either can’t read or doesn’t want to read what is posted on the Home Compare site. Gracedale is listed as two stars overall and as an embarrassing one star for staffing on that site. When will someone replace the apparent failing administration there at Gracedale? Very sad and unacceptable.