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Friday, November 06, 2015

Sheriff Dalrymple to Tighten NorCo Security

Sheriff David Dalrymple announced at last night's meeting of Northampton County Council that he is putting the finishing touches on tightened security. Those who lack a County-issued ID will be required to undergo screening. Those who have an ID and forget it will go through screening  The IDs will be issued to courthouse workers and regular courthouse users, including members of the bar, some vendors and title searchers. Those seeking an access card will undergo background checks.  


Anonymous said...

ZZZZZZ What an inventive law enforcement move...

Peter J.Cochran said...

SHERIFF ,I like you and we are with you from the beginning here. - Teach marksmanship- teach human dynamics. Get to the range and get your folks up to reality on what to do and how to go above and beyond PCCD standards.The standards of firearm competency at PCCD are NOW be hide the curve. When I see Federal Air- Marshals that can't keep rounds in my hat at 15 yrds and they are on aircraft -wow-so a couple of us at our EFG shooting range helped them and they became real good shooters, in almost no time . We will help your people too if contacted.