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Friday, November 20, 2015

NorCo Tidbits

1) NorCo Exec John Brown had proposed Cindy Miller to replace Tony Pristash on the Gaming Board. But at Wednesday's Personnel Committee, several Council members were upset that Brown would want to replace Pristash, a volunteer who enjoys what he is doing and never misses a meeting. Brown has withdrawn the Miller nomination, but won't say whether he intends to submit Pristash.

2) NorCo's Personnel Appeals Board has not met since a July hearing for a Lieutenant at the jail who was fired in January. Scott parsons asked Brown to direct the Personnel Appeals Board to scedule a regular monthly meeting and begin demanding attorneys to appear.

3) The Hotel Tax Grants of about $500,000 will not be awarded until January 21, at the earliest. These grants have been delayed bc DCED Director Diane Donaher took it upon herself to tell the usual applicants not to bother applying this year. brown quickly reversed her when he found out, and has accepted full responsibility for her error.    

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Anonymous said...

Are these Boards and/or Commissions at full staff? Why do you need a Solicitor/Lawyer to attend the meetings? If more volunteers are needed for these positions, why isn't it mad public?