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Monday, November 30, 2015

NorCo Graduates 4th Annual Citizens Academy

Bethlehem Tp's Mary Ellen Stampone Ingeno conratulated
Recently, Northampton County Judge Stephen Baratta sentenced a man to spend the rest of his life in jail for the murder and sexual abluse of his stepdaughter's corpse. It's a story that attracted a lot of attention. But there's much more to county government that what you see at the courthouse. Passports. Marriage licenses. A walk along the beautiful Nor Bath Trail. A 911 call. The bridges you take for granted on the way to work. The certain knowledge that when you pump ten gallons of gas, that's what you get. Gracedale. Mosquito control.

Twenty-two Northampton County residents, from Riegelsville to Northampton, now understand what is often called the forgotten government. They were honored at recent Council meeting as the fourth graduating class of the Northampton County Citizens' Academy. They completed a ten-week program that included Public Works, Emergency Management, Court Administration, Human Services and Gracedale Nursing Home, Fiscal Affairs, Community and Economic Development, the Department of Corrections, District Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff’s Department, and County Council.

Penn State student Laurie Giannetti stated, "There wasn't really enough time." Rick Sergi, who also is a Pastor in Bethlehem, added, "I was almost excited to pay my taxes." Noting that the County takes care of so my bridges, Sergei called the County a "bridge" that gets people from one side of life to another. "You don't go across every bridge, but you sure hope it's there if you need one."

The 2015 Graduates: Mary Ann Barrett, Gayle Beacham, George Bock, Patricia Cronin, Laurie Giannetti, Ben Hedrick, Susan Hinkle, Timothy Hinkle, Yvonne Johnson-Milligan, Larry Kistler, Greg Linder, Steve Mays, Lois Prytherch, Lucy Reagan, Cara Rutlege, Elle Segal, Rick Sergi, Helaine Sigal, Mary Ellen Stampone Ingeno, Ferne Turner, Robert Walnock and Lisa Youngkin Rex. (Slideshow below).


Anonymous said...

could have cut the visit to DCED. Nothing to see there unless you want voice over lessons.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. The academy students had to be dazzled by the Donaher dog and pony show! Her bloated staff piled on with their impressive resumes and titles. But dang it that one wise ass citizen asked how many jobs DCED helped to create or retain. And, the chirping of crickets followed...

Magee Mae Mason said...


Much like in Bethlehem where the only real work being done is to call Ronca and ask what to do next.

Brown and Donchez would both do themselves well to rid the county and city of these two.

Anonymous said...

Nice ceremony. But they should have mentioned the town each graduate was from. That would have shown how diverse the enrollment was. Would also be a nice nod to the county's 38 municipalities.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was happy to be able to get as pic of each grad and put it together in a small slide show. My pics of the group were not good. I should have worked harder on that part.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Brownie dazzled them with his corporate Bullshit speak about "synergies" and "alignment" etc. blah blah blah. We still never found out where he worked as a consultant before he came over to reap havoc on the county.