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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Allentown City Helped Fund Student Walkout

We all know that Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski threatened to cut school resource officers at Allentown schools unless the school district agreed to pick up the tab for crossing guards. But did you know that he also, wittingly or unwittingly, helped fund the student walkout that occurred in Allentown school in late September? That's when Allentown's very own Pied Piper, Michael Frassetto, led high school and even middle students away from their education for Chinese food, McDonald's and limo rides.

According to information provided in response to a Right-to-Know request, Frassetto's "United Youth" received check No. 147120 from the City on September 18, 2015, for $1,400.

The Pied Piper had told me "We are the United Youth - we got our own funding from our previous events" and "The city gave us funding in the past but I don't think anymore."

He made these statements just 11 days after having received $1,400, so his memory must be very bad.

Maybe he should go back to school.

According to the RTK response, the Pied Piper was also given $750 by check No. 144182, dated 4/10/15.

Frassetto did state that the City provided him funding in the past, but the RTK response only lists these payments.

United Youth Party's webpage appears to be hosted by the City as well. This organization is not a registered nonprofit, so I don't know why the City gave it a dime, let alone $2,150.


Anonymous said...

They are registered with the PA Department of State as a non-profit, with Frassetto's home address as its place of business. However, they are not listed as a charity.

Anonymous said...

So the city hands out tax payer money to any idiot who asks for it. The inepts in city hall should be cleared out by the next mayor. The feds must keep this moving to save Allentown from itself. How much longer till heads start rolling.

Anonymous said...

The city was on the group's web site as a supporter. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for the details. Too many people ignored the obvious facts because they wanted to use the narrative for their own purposes.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

The group was doing cleanups and some constructive activities over the last couple years, before the walkout debacle. Any funding from the City should have been for specific activities. It appears it may have instead paid for the food during the walkout.

Anonymous said...

As I had said before all Allentown entities past present and future public, private, profit and nonprofit for profit as well as many LLC's set up by city officials with public funds under grant grab get to give for said corrupt entity to disrupt and destroy any quality of life to home owners and treaten the lives of said but not limited to while also putting innocent indigent children in risk of life ACTing in there official capaCITY under cover under colur of local circus law because of the Browne Hole Law creation¿!($
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patent pending

Chris said...

they won an award in 2014 from the City for the positive things they were doing, such as the cleanups someone mentioned above. I wonder if some of the money they were given came as grants or as part of the award. let's see where it goes from here.

Anonymous said...

I think the facts of this case speak for themselves:

1) The Mayor was heavily (and improperly) involved in the school board election.

2) The student walkouts were timed to create an issue prior to the election

3) Allentown City Hall (the Mayor) directed tax dollars toward the group to fund it's operations.

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:23 This may have been CDBG money. I am under the impression that those funds can only be awarded to registered nonprofits.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" I wonder if some of the money they were given came as grants or as part of the award. l"

This money might be a reimbursement of some sorts. But I find he timing very odd.

Anonymous said...

I think UYP initially did do some good things and was perhaps worthy of awards and grants. Frassetto became unhinged over the past year and exhibited some strange behavior at the RCCS graduation (making it the Frassetto/UYP show). This could have led to his hasty departure as an RCCS teacher over the summer. Since then he and the group have adopted a more militant stance - with the impressionable youth doing Frasseto's bidding


Bernie O'Hare said...

"They are registered with the PA Department of State as a non-profit, with Frassetto's home address as its place of business. However, they are not listed as a charity."

It is listed as a non profit with the DOS. Thanks for noting that. I had missed it. It is NOT registered as a 501c3, according to Guidestar.

Anonymous said...

It's called community activism and can impel empty-suit idiots to the presidency, as we've seen.

Anonymous said...

Bernie @10:34,
They may not be listed at Guidestar because they are relatively new. Their registration date with the DOS was only a few months ago.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:38, You may very well be right.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the four police officers who were injured in the Allen High brawl at 12th and Chew that made nationwide news are doing.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding the Roberto Clemete Charter School has disassociated itself from UYP.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

the city with out limits, rules, and morals prevails once again. one can only imagine what else the tax payers cash was used for by this corrupt party and corrupt govt.

so when the time comes, and it is, when the Allentown teachers go out on strike, I never ever want to hear how they are on strike for the kids. I never want to hear a democrat city govt talking about their support when they give out tax payer cash for a walk out and last but not least , I never ever want to hear from the union that they need more cash to educate.

btw - did I miss the mayors statement on the walk out?
did I miss the mayors statement on the police getting attacked .
did I hear anyone with in city hall comment about a teacher getting pushed down the bleachers...

"Allentown School District officials and police are investigating after authorities say a teacher either stumbled, was bumped or shoved at a Dieruff High School pep rally Friday afternoon".
WOW? Now, this is what is being said about what happened at Dieruff High School.
This looks like a real issue. It appears as if a 50 year old teaching this community for 25 plus years, was pushed down a set of bleachers punching and kicking her. This teacher of 25 years, is now in the hospital thanks to some of the animals in this school. Video is out there and will surface soon.


monkey momma said...

There's no such thing as coincidence. The timing of this walkout, payment and elections tell the story. What's sick is that this isn't being reported anywhere but here. It's an excellent catch, Bernie, and worthy of being a lead story on any of the local news outlets. Clearly, the mayor has not ceased his heavy-handed actions.

Anonymous said...

Out of control thugs being coddled by do-gooder Democrats and their precious Teachers' Union, both of whom do nothing but pat themselves on the back when not sticking their hand out begging for more money. Aside from a phenomenally expensive minor league hockey rink, exactly how much more does Mayor Pawlowski's City Without Limits have to offer. And this punk ass bitch paradise of a town thinks "gentrified" people are actually going to want to move here, let alone send their kids to public schools here?

Good luck with that.