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Friday, November 20, 2015

I Will Be Brief

When NorCo Controller Steve Barron says, "I will be brief," it's time to break out the cold weather camping gear. It's going to be a while. He's a politician, and like all politicians, he likes to talk. So much so that he used to write himself in during courtesy of the floor. Council finally decided to give him his very own spot on the agenda if he really, really has something to say. He always does, and the November 19 meeting was no exception despite a packed agenda.

He just had something to day the day before. At the Finance Committee , he waxed on with about 137 audit reports.

If you have trouble sleeping, listen to them some time.

"I will be brief," he said then, too.

Council President Peg Ferraro tried to give him a hint when she asked, "Do you have a report?" Of course he did, and up to the podium he went. He is very excited about his new anonymous tip hot line, which employees and residents can call to report fraud and waste.

The number is 610-829-6616.

His brief remarks went on for about five minutes. And then Council members, who are politicians and like to talk, too, went on with about another five minutes worth of questions.

Seriously, what about an anonymous tip line that merits five minute of explanation followed by five minutes of discussion. They even managed to get Solicitor Phil Lauer involved with questions about liability.

When Barron had finally finished, it was Executive John Brown's turn to give his report.

"I will be brief," he said.

So if anyone wants to call this tip line to report government waste, you have a few good examples.


Anonymous said...

Do you time travel, Bernie? You referred to Wednesday's meeting as being November 19 and yesterday's meeting the 18th. What is today, November 17? "Let's do the Time Warp again!"

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I time travel. I just traveled back in time and changed the date on my story.

Anonymous said...

Barron can't be brief. Especially at the buffet table.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Barron von Footinmouth wore briefs under his kilt.

Anonymous said...

I will be brief.

Here are a few hot tips in regards to local, state and federal govts.

Both parties waste the tax payers cash.
Both parties love to spend cash they do not have.
Both parties love to make up the difference on the backs of the tax payers.
Both parties love crony capitalism. IE special interests are more important than the tax payers and or the voters.
Last tip. All of the above continue to erode what is left of our town, our state and our country.