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Monday, November 02, 2015

Bulls Fall to Cavs in SCBL 'Ship

Despite shooting streaks that kept the game close at times, the Bulls fell to the more consistent Cavs in the Select Competition Basketball League Championship today at Swain School. I neglected to get the final score, but the Cavs put the game out of reach in the second half.

(This is the only action shot I got. CCHS's Dat Lambert guarded by Cameron Hoffman. Those two have known each other and played with and against each other since about fourth grade. They are all gifted athletes.) 

SCBL is fall basketball for LV high school students who are not playing in other fall sports. It gets them tuned up for the season. There are usually no more than two or three ballers from the same high school on a given team.

The CAVS, Coach: Darnell Braswell. Team consists of Zay Jennings, Cam Hoffman, Shack Dezonie, Will Baar, Tyler German, Nick Hulbert, Daryn Lewis, Blake Jones, Scott Kuna, TJ Shaffer and Matt Shiffer.

The BULLS, Coach: Shahad Abdur-Rahkman. Team consists of Justin Paz, Dat Lambert, AJ Dana, Hector Morales, Jordan McChristian, Nicholas Drosnock, Garrett Duh, David Martinez, Christian Simmons, Ryan Young and Chase Orecchio.

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