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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Greek Orthodox Church Moving Next to St. Francis Friary

Terraform's Terry DeGroot describes plans for Greek Orthodox Church
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, currently located on 20th Street in Wilson Borough, is moving to Bethlehem Township. Parish Council President Aristides Manolas and Engineer Terry DeGroot presented sketch plans for a church, fellowship hall and administrative offices during the November 16 Commissioners' meeting. It's located on the northern 12 acres of a sprawling 21-acre tract along Bethman and Church Roads, along with a 500-car parking lot. The sanctuary, which is what Manolas called the church, would have room for 350 worshippers. The fellowship hall, which will include a kitchen and can double as a gym, is planned to hold 500.

When asked about the church entrance facing the back of the tract, Manolas explained that Greek Orthodox Churches always try to face east.

Manolas told Commissioners that the Wilson Borough church, led by Father Constantine Papadopoulos, has no insulation or features for the differently abled.

At this point, DeGroot is unable to project a cost or timeline.

St. Jane's, The Franciscan Friary and Calvary Baptist Church are all located on or near Church Road. During an earlier review at the Planning Commission, one member quipped, "Church Road is living up to its name."

The Wilson Borough Church is the site of a famous bi-annual Greek food festival.

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