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Monday, September 21, 2015

Zoning: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Chrysanthemums

Gus Elias amidst the chrysanthemums
It's the zoning case that just won't go away. Nearly two years ago, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declined to get involved in the proposed business expansion of Elias Market, located on Linden Street in Bethlehem. That should have ended a case that spawned multiple zoning hearing board decisions, a lost transcript that required more hearings and numerous court reviews along the way. Despite losing at every step, an increasingly small group of neighbors calling itself the Bethlehem Homeowners Association, has continued the fight with a litany of complaints to the City. That in turn has resulted in several enforcement actions, all of which have been dismissed. The most recent rejection, which followed a special meeting on September 16, ended with a visit from six police officers. Yong Hao, one of the few remaining Elias opponents, lost his composure and began pointing at affable Chairman Gus Loupos. Another opponent, Al Bernotas, is facing three counts of harassment for following an Elias delivery truck in April.

"It just needs to stop," noted Elias' next door neighbor, Kathy Capuano.In an email before last week's hearing, Bethlehem Homeowners claimed that Elias intends to purchase her property so he "can spread this malignancy further." This was news to Capuano. She denied that her property is for sale or that she has been approached.

Her grandfather, John Jamon, originally purchased what is now known as Elias Market in 1929. It was part of an 18 acre orchard that sold apples, cherries, peaches, plums, and pears that were locally grown. His market, called Jamon Orchards, was sold to the Pichel family after his death in 1978, and Kathy Capuano worked there. In 2006, the Elias family took title, minus the orchard. Many of the homes surrounding the market were originally part of that orchard.

Capuano was one of a large group of neighbors who now support Elias Market. "We go outside and enjoy our yard," she said in an interview after the hearing. "There's no extra noise. I can't believe selling flowers on macadam bothers anyone." Anna Stofko, a Northampton County retiree, spoke after the hearing of Elias' generosity to her church. "He is always giving us fruit and vegetables," she said.

At his business on the Friday after the hearing, Gus Elias was pushing a wheelbarrow full of chrysanthemums while simultaneously haggling with a Chinese restaurant owner over the price of a box full of cucumbers. Elias wanted $22, but the restauranteuer only wanted to pay $13. "Look at these!", Elias said as he opened the box. "These are the Ferraris of cucumbers!" They both swore that each was putting the other out of business, but then shook hands at a price of $18.

Elias, who started his business in Bethlehem with just two people, now has 35 employees. In a world of chain markets, this is a rare family business that flourishes by offering quality produce at low prices. "This business is going to my children," he explained. "I want my neighbors to be happy, too."

Years ago, while the zoning case was winding its way through the courts, Elias had an open house for neighbors who were upset over his expansion, which essentially consisted of improvements to what was then an unsafe loading dock. He had hoagies and drinks for everyone, and wanted to hear their concerns. But few people came. Undaunted, Elias has continued to do what he can to appease neighbors. He is spending $100,000, above and beyond what is required by the Zoning Hearing Board, for improvements to make everyone happy. "I don't like to have enemies," he said.

One of the improvements he is making is a $55,000 trash compactor to prevent garbage from flying out of a dumpster. "I'm trying to do the right thing for everyone."

Elias was cited by Zoning Officer Suzanne Borzak for selling flowers on the paved area of the business next to Linden Street.

"Selling flowers on the paved area?" scoffed Capuano, who noted that her own grandfather sold pumpkins there as long ago as 1979.

"I'm so sick of this situation," she added, complaining about the way "grown adults treated the board members and zoning officer."

"They shut us down," complained Bernotas. Solicitor Terry Faul had ruled that they lacked standing in an enforcement matter, which Bernotas called "muzzling." He stated that the City put on a weak case that would have been much stronger had opponents been allowed to participate. Bernotas had offered to share his evidence with Assistant City Solicitor Matt Deschler, but after several canceled meetings, Bernotas was told there would be no meeting. According to Bernotas, Deschler was directed not to meet with him.

"Enforcement is so lax in this town you can put a battleship through it," complained Bernotas. He went on to explain that Elias is just his "whipping boy," and that his real venom is directed at The Zoning Hearing Board. In emails to Mayor Bob Donchez and City Council, he has referred to the Board as a "newly formed Gestapo unit" intent on muzzling City residents. He slammed board members, who are paid $25 a month for a night of hearings that can easily go on for five hours, for their occupations.

"Somebody's getting money under the table to be as stupid as they're being," he charges, with no corroborating evidence.

Unlike a city council or the planning commission, a zoning hearing board is a quasi judicial body with a court reporter in which sworn testimony is taken in support of or against a zoning appeal. Those who desire to speak must demonstrate standing, which generally applies to the property owner and those within a certain radius of the property. In a zoning enforcement decision brought by the City, it is unclear whether anyone beyond the City itself and the property owner have standing, a point that Bernotas concedes.

While claiming that his ire is directed mainly at the Zoning Hearing Board, Benotas continued his complaints about the Elias expansion. To prove his contention that the business is involved in wholesale distribution,, he followed an Elias truck from Bethlehem to Allentown in April, stopping where the truck stopped and taking pictures. A spooked driver called Elias, and a private criminal complaint charging three counts of harassment against Bernotas is scheduled for November. He disputes allegations that he directed profanities at the driver, and vowed he will continue following the trucks because "my name is Al Bernotas."

Will Bethlehem appeal the dismissal of the latest zoning enforcement notice? "We're having a meeting to discuss the Zoning Hearing Board decision," announced Darlene Heller. who heads the City's Planning and Zoning Departments.


Anonymous said...

How long does it take you to write such a detailed explanation of this continuing saga?

Anonymous said...

Darlene Heller is the problem, listening to this bernatos idiot and then allowing his complaints to be heard. She needs to go, she is an Allentown resident and does not care about Bethlehem like a Bethlehem city native would. She probably flips the bird out he back window every night she drives out of the city to Allentown where she lives.

Anonymous said...

Al has been an ass all his life and will go to his grave as a miserable, hateful sub human. Susan b has been in over her head since day one. We now have a caretaker administration. Booby d and his merry band of asleep at the wheel misfits will stick their heads in the sand and do nothing that might upset booby's chances at reelection and furthering his pension. EX. - The Boyd.

take notes willie - these so called administrators are giving you great fodder

Anonymous said...

7:26. Amen

Anonymous said...

Any pay to play going on in Bethlehem with it's zoning board? Box of banana's, apples, grapes?

The only thing with this store is that the fruit is almost always over ripe.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:26, It is easy to hurl an accusation like this when you don't sign your name.

6:21, This story took two trips to Elias, a trip to the xoning office, two calls to Bernotas, a visit to Capuano and research of prior stories. Then writing. This is an 8-hour job.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:56, Darlene Heller may very well live in Bethlehem; so there goes that story.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:26, Suzanne Borxak is an excellent zoning officer, and the last thing a quasi judicial body needs in a Mayor who sticks his nose into zoning cases. That's not being a caretaker; that is recognizing the limitations on your power.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Let me also add, 7:26, that you should identify yourself when personally attacking another person. This story is critical of Al, but I sign my name. You, on the other hand, are a coward.

Mike Faccinetto said...

I live in the neighborhood behind the market. My property doesn't share a border, but we're close. I personally, do not care that they built a warehouse. It's their property, it has long been a store and frankly a building is better than a burned up garage. My only issue with the Elias' is the general upkeep of the property. It is usually dirty and littered with trash. The western edge of the property/parking lot is always covered in cardboard/general garbage and now (for 2 years) construction debris. I don't think closing the lid on a dumpster is too much to ask. I am hopeful the trash compactor will solve much of this, but a little TLC outside would go along way.
I do wonder why the ZHB will not uphold their own rulings. I have read the final decision that they made that finally allowed the expansion and it seems clear to me that several "conditions" aren't being followed. The issue here seems to be the city or I guess ZHB issued conditions, but really doesn't seem to care if those conditions are followed? From an average citizens point of view it is puzzling and confusing.
Either way I hope the Elias' finish up the project sooner rather than later and really make the property a gem and not the current eyesore.

Anonymous said...

The fruit and vegetables in that store are almost always over ripe. More than once I had to return moldy goods to the store for a refund. That is why I don't shop there anymore. I must be in the minority because almost anytime you pass the store the parking lots are almost full. Talking about moldy goods....watch the strawberries and blueberries at Giant on 191. They lay moldy on the shelves and even when you point it out to the person stacking the shelves they ignore it. They used to have a policy of double your money back if their produce wasn't fresh. They now stopped that policy. The proof is in the end result isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Bernie - this business expanded far, far beyond the size it was permitted, as a non conforming use. There is a term known as di minimis in zoning - this expansion was di maximus.

The residents are right to complain - that business is now wedged right up to the property lines, towering over the ranch it sits next to on 191. The residents behind it must love the birdseye view of tractors, landscape block and trucks.

The residents screwed themselves by not having a lawyer at the very first zoning board hearing. They didn't make a proper record. Ask the lawyer they used later, who represented them in Commonwealth Court - he'll tell you the same thing. Despite great effort on his part, evident in the subsequent proceedings, he could not undo to the damage. Commonwealth Court went back to that first hearing and placed most of the weight on it.

Let this be a warning - if there is something you object to, and you think you have a solid objection, either go in and get it on the record, or far better hire a lawyer, AT THE FIRST HEARING.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:39, You apparently did not take your own advice. You had no legal representation at tyhe hearing last week. Also, the expansion was not at issue. It was an enforcement notice. So the residents are wrong to complain. That battle has been fought and lost. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Quite a contrast: Gus Elias working hard to support himself and his family, while providing a service to the residents of the area, improving the economy by hiring people to work there, and trying to improve his business, on the one hand, and on the other hand, a meddling self-interested, self-serving pest with no discernible purpose in life, except to make trouble for others.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mike F, I was there on Friday and again on Saturday, and I thought the place was very clean and well-maintained. It is far from anything I would consider an eye sore. But you'll be happy to know that Elias does plan on making additional improvements to make the are look prettier, and your trash concerns should go away with the compactor.

Anonymous said...

@ Mike Faccinetto: boy do you have some nerve adding your 2 cents when you and your fellow school board members raise our taxes every year for how many now in a row?

How many incompetent administrators, principals & support staff are sucking tax dollars from it's taxpaying citizens in Bethlehem?

Furthermore, here is from another reader and I"m wondeering if it's true Mike:
"Bernie, what do you know about bonuses being paid to BASD Administrators if they spend under "X" amount of dollars? I know they just cut the pay of their substitute teachers."

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have deleted two comments with huge gaps. Those comments require too much scrolling and make it difficult for others to weigh in.. Please be careful when commenting not to leave a huge gap at the end.

Bernie O'Hare said...

2:05, I believe that reader was referring to Bangor School District, not Bethlehem. Mike F has as much right to comment here as you do, and is courageous enough to sign his name, as you aren't.

Anonymous said...

regarding Anonymous Mike Faccinetto said:
Mike, you seem to be the only INTELLIGENT person in any of these comments to see why the neighbors are upset but then you took the time to read the conditions put on the Market/SUPER STORE!

Elias, his lawyer, his Engineer, etc. testified that they didn't want OR NEED need any more retail either inside or outside of the building and that was why the ZHB made their decision to let then build a warehouse but put conditions on ANY FUTURE RETAIL ON THE SITE by the ZHB and that IF THEY DID, they would be BREAKING THE LAW. So what do they do, they create a NURSERY OUTSIDE IN THE PARKING LOT.

By the way, it cost the neighbors $20,000 in legal fees to get those conditions and decisions from the ZHB that the City and Zoning Officer ISN'T ENFORCING! They don't care that the warehouse/wholesaling/truck depot got built but if you paid that much money for 28 pages of "Findings of Facts" from Elias's testimony and conditions, wouldn't you want them upheld? That night last week, the ZHB specifically, Mr. Gus Loupus, told the opponents they would get their chance to tell their story that night and that was a lie! THEY PULLED A FAST ONE AND DISMISSED THEIR OWN CONDITIONS! They don't want the story to come out because they would have to uphold their own decisions, I wonder why they don't want to do that. This isn't over but thank you Mike and about the people who gave you grief for the School issue, they are useless! If it smells like a fish..... its fishy!

Mike Faccinetto said...

Bernie I am referring to the western and northwestern end of the property. There is just a lot of trash, old wire racks, etc scattered around. The produce and nursery items are kept orderly and cleaned up at night. Again, I hope the completed project addresses these issues.

Mike Faccinetto said...

2:05 I didn't realize that board members weren't allowed to comment on anything? Clearly sine I personally raised your taxes, probably to give myself a raise (oh wait board members are volunteers), I apparently have a lot of nerve for expressing my opinion.
Let me say this; 1.Do some reading and get your facts straight before you throw out your crap in a public forum and 2.If you want to slander the hard working administrators in the BASD without any facts to support the argument at least have the courage to use your name and not hide behind the "anonymous" tag like a coward.
Sorry for being blunt, but I can't stand people who throw out false claims without ever trying to verify the info. These are peoples lives and reputations you so blindly slander.

Anonymous said...

Hard working administrator's pushing papers around, wow. Bet there is a lot of PCS (paper cut syndrome).

Anonymous said...

Mike Faccinetto said... 4:45

Mike, some people are just plain ignorant and don't know what they are talking about and don't care to find our or read up on things. Like I said, "ignorant!" You are definitely entitled to your opinion. This is a free world and your opinion matters. The jerk that said something about the BASD probably can't even read.

Anonymous said...

I pass by Elias Market often but rarely stop. I will now make it a point to support them as a family business. Nice work Bernie!

Anonymous said...

I heard a credible rumor that Bernotas and/or Ho have been trying to get a very good attorney to continue their fight against Elias, and that attorney refuses to represent them - because the fight is over and they lost and they have no case. Time to pound the "For Sale" sign into the ground.

Anonymous said...

The zoning hearing board does not do enforcement,, that is how much you know about how the city operates. The zoning board hears appeals and decides the outcome, no money just tons of volunteer time. If you have an issue about enforcement in the city of B then call the Code a Enforcement Office and have them write a citation to the offending party

Bernie O'Hare said...

A cease and desist order is zoning enforcement, so you are mistaken. I have witnessed several of these enforcement actions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie and all Neighbors,
Regarding recent events with Elias Market let me start with an analogy example:
A guy was driving without a license and speeding, and then he got a ticket by a police officer. The driver went to the court and plea guilty of driving without a license but contested the speeding ticket. At the end, the judge somehow throws out all the charges against the driver, declared that the driver does not need a license to drive and the speeding part of ticket was also dismissed.

Now let us talk about what happened at Elias Market:
Before April 2014, Elias Farmers Market cutting down all the trees, shrubs and torn up all the lawns on the east and north side of the building with the construction of the new warehouse. On April 28, 2014, the Market paved over 4000 square feet of asphalt without any zoning approval.

On April 29, 2014, Elias market was notified that they had violated Building Code 403.62 and Zoning Ordinance 1324.02 and ordered the market to remove the asphalt, and seed and grade the area according to the site plan approved by the city.

On May 22, 2014, The Bethlehem Code Board of Appeals denied a 60-day extension to Elias Market to resolve a violation notice over illegally installed asphalt.

On June 11, 2014, George Azar owner of the market pleaded guilty to the violation of illegal paving without a permit and paid of approximately 275.00 fine and the court cost, but the market continue used the area as outdoor retail.

On June 23, 2014, a 2nd violation notice was issued by the Zoning Officer regarding the paved area being used as retail space.

On July 7, 2014, a 3rd violation notice was issued by the Zoning Officer regarding the paved area being used as retail space, but the market continue use the area as outdoor retail space.

On May 7, 2015, the Zoning office issued an enforcement notice to revoke the permit 13080231 because Elias Market proposed to increase the retail space through reconfiguration.

On May 11, 2015, one year later, another zoning violation notice with same content as July 7, 2014, violation notice was issued to Elias Market by the Zoning Officer, but Market continued to use the area as outdoor retail space.

On September 16, 2015, Elias market appealed May 7 and 11, 2015 enforcement notice, the zoning hearing board sided with the market and dismissed both violation notices.

But the truth will never die and be silenced; Elias Market not only violated building codes but also violated Article 1323.04 regarding nonconforming structure or use of the Ordinance which clearly stated
A variance and special exception review and approval is required if the building floor area or total land area occupied by the nonconforming use or structure whichever is more restrictive is increased by greater than 50% beyond the area that existed at the time the use or structure first became nonconforming.

Elias Market’s violated the condition imposed by the zoning hearing board in 2009 which stated “ That there will be no more additional retail space added to the site in the future. That there will be no additional warehouse space added to the site in the future.” (Transcript of August 26, 2009 hearing, on page 135 of the transcript from line 20 to line 24). This condition was summarized as Condition No. 3 which clearly states “, “There shall be no additional retail space with the proposed expansion of the building.” (the Final Decision of the Board on October 12, 2011).

Elias Market’s is contradicted their own testimonies in 2009 that the owner Mr. George Azar told the Board that it will increase the retail by an inch before the approval.

The zoning hearing board ignored all the facts in the daylights and the conditions imposed by itself upon the market in 2009. The board legalized the zoning violations by the Market. What they did just like the Judge did in my analogy example at the start of this post. Now please ask the following questions:

Anonymous said...

regarding: Bernie O'Hare said...
A cease and desist order is zoning enforcement, so you are mistaken. I have witnessed several of these enforcement actions.

10:10 PM

You weren't there Bernie..... Loupus is losing it. He can't even remain calm like a neutral body. He hugs and kisses the other side in front of people. How can someone do that and the City go along with that kind of behavior. ZHB is suppose to be neutral but THEY ARE NOT IN THE ELIAS CASE! How can the City do enforcements and cease and desist orders, if they Appeal and then it goes to the Zoning Hearing Board and THEY don't side with the City even when its the ZHB'S decisions and conditions that the City is trying to enforce! This ZHB is like a circus. No one reads and they listen to "Slick Willy" (Piperato)...... where is the fairness and justice in Bethlehem, PA?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mike Faccinetto is an honest family man; he cares about the teachers and students in our school district. Raising school tax is not a decision of his own but from the votes. If we do not want raise the tax, then we, as tax payers need to provide more constructive suggestions, rather than a personal attack, to the School District Administration and the School Board on how to reduce the cost of educations. Some of those examples include how to reform teachers and stuff’s benefits including medical, pension, or retirement, how to reduce waste spending, consolidate non-efficient schools, and rent out some unused space to the local business in return of income for school, etc.

Anonymous said...


Under the MPC, the Zoning Board has no authority to fine or punish landowners for violating the zoning ordinance or conditions contained on a zoning decision, only the local magistrate does. The ZHB can hear appeals from the municipality for alleged zoning violations, but only can render decisions. In order to enforce the decision, the municipality must take the matter to the magistrate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Under the MPC, the ZO has the authority to issue a cease and desist order, which then can be appealed to the ZHB. That is what happened.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:03, Actually, I walked in at the tail end and walked right out. It was not Gus who had lost it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:50, If you are so concerned with the truth, why not identify yourself?

Anonymous said...

re. Bernie O'Hare said...
11:03, Actually, I walked in at the tail end and walked right out. It was not Gus who had lost it.

12:56 PM

Bernie did you arrive to see see all the hugs, handshakes and kisses with almost the entire Elias side, before and after the meeting..... it was definitely fixed, no doubt about that! Loupus definitely should have recused himself because he IS SO BIASED AND HIS ACTIONS SHOW IT! The ZHB is anything but FAIR or EQUAL! This is "my opinion"

Anonymous said...

I have not got the legal mindset, just a crazy old lady who lives a block or two away, likes flowers, fruits, veggies, and pleasant, hard-working people making a constructive contribution to the neighborhood....What I do not "get" in this whole saga is, how do the flowers outside the store harm and/or threaten the neighbors, or anybody else, for that matter?

How does the replacement of an ugly burned, collapsing building with a clean modern warehouse destroy the view of the neighbors and offend the sensibilities of the community?

Was there an invisible magic screen over this market when Mr. Bernota and Mr. Ho selected and chose to buy their residences, so that only after moving in did they get gob-smacked with the knowledge of its existence in their neighborhood?

So many questions, so few coherent answers.

My name is Cate. It is just easier to post as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Cate 1:19pm
You wouldn't understand because you don't live next door to the market and have to listen to tractor trailers, look at people in your backyard because of the pretty flowers - customers go there and who spends $400+ on a house to look at this.... not you.... so please keep your remarks to yourself. Do you deal with the traffic at the corner and how much more is there because of the pretty flowers. YOU JUST DON'T GET IT LADY (CATE). Go back to your knitting! They weren't suppose to have any products outside! What don't you get. They paved without a permit. Do you do that at your house? If so, you are just as bad as them.

They lied during their testimony in 2009 to get their addition/warehouse. Now they illegally pave. Don't worry, the city isn't done with them. They will get theirs I am sure..... God is watching them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Kathy Capuano, who does live nest to Elias, says this: " "We go outside and enjoy our yard. ... There's no extra noise. I can't believe selling flowers on macadam bothers anyone."

Bernie O'Hare said...

I get really worked up when some anonymous asshole comes on here and abuses a reader who does say who she is. 5:36, with an attitude like yours, there is little wonder that you got nowhere. Had you been reasonable from the onset, you and Elias could probably have arrived at a mutually satisfactory arrangement. Yong Hao and his wife are very nice people. I wish they had gone to Elias in the beginning. Al Bernotas is a brilliant man, but he should not be wasting his life following a delivery truck. Isn't it time to move on? Do you really accomplish anything by hurling names at ZHB members? Does it really help to attack a nice lady like Cate?

Pipeline Guy said...

This whole thing reminds me of people who buy a house off the end of an existing airport runway and then complain about the noise. (Oh yeah, we had that years ago, Pointe North in Hanover Township!) I remember when the area that now consists of the homes behind Elias' store was an open field. I considered buying a home there myself, great area, but the taxes are insane.

Anonymous said...

Elias Market donated over $400 dollars to the Bethlehem Police Junior Police Academy. You can't tell me they don't care about the community.

Anonymous said...

Oh, phooey, the anonymous 5:36 did not leave me feeling devastated...Traffic? You're going to control traffic now? Heck, my husband and I use that road to get over to Wegman's and to the Post Office and to St. Luke's North, and to Amore Farms. It's a road. People are going to drive on it. Linden Street/191 is even more of a major road, and the traffic on it is heavy and constant, even when the little market on the corner is closed.

The fact remains that Mr. Ho and Mr. Bernotas chose to buy houses in the vicinity -- Mr. Ho on an adjacent lot, and Mr. Bernotas, let us be aware, lives so far down the road and on the other side, he cannot even see the Elias Market from his house. Both of them could have chosen to buy something out in the middle of nowhere, and drive twenty minutes to the grocery store.

Trucks delivering goods? What time of day? The market closes at 6PM. I kind of doubt that trucks arrive at midnight or 2 AM, though it is true, we do not live on the same block, so maybe you have a case there. OTOH, I hear sirens and trucks going up and down Linden Street all times of the night, so I hardly think that the deliveries to Elias Market are the only noise in the neighborhood. And what kind of a clown has nothing more constructive to do with the remaining years of his life than to follow trucks as the driver goes about his business?

As for paving the area beside the building, I wonder whether the whining control freaks would prefer bare ground? And how does selling plants outside threaten the welfare of the neighborhood? Home Depot does it, Walmart does it, stores on Main Street sell other things on the sidewalk, but ... never on Linden? Give me a break. Cate

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous said...2:15

Bottom line, Home Depot, Walmart, Wegman's, etc. are IN A COMMERCIAL ZONE and they HAD CITY APPROVAL TO DO ALL OF THAT..... Elias is a NON-CONFORMING USE IN A RESIDENTIAL ZONE AND HAS TO ABIDE BY THAT. MR. Pichel didn't sell all that nursery stuff. He sold inside his store. Not even under his canopy. He picked up personally every piece of paper that blew on his property. Do you ever see tractor trailers at Wegman's, Home Depot, Giant, Valley? The answer is NO..... they go into the back of the building because they are in the correct COMMERCIAL-ZONED AREA! DON'T YOU GET IT! Elias is non-conforming and is ILLEGAL.... he didn't even have a permit to pave over 4,000 sq feet of pavement and then he created a new USE....A NURSERY! He thinks he is beyond the law of the city! He will get his! YOU ARE REALLY A VERY UNINFORMED PERSON so why don't you just go back to buying your overripe food at Elias' They certainly have you snowed..... Why don't you go look at their beautiful home in Orefield and see if they would want their place in their own RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. PICHELS WAS A PLEASURE TO BE AROUND BUT ELIAS, NOT SO MUCH! They are slobs just like their Allentown store is but at least that neighborhood is different than the Bethlehem neighborhood. You can't compare neighborhoods.

With people like you around, the City of Bethlehem will some day be another Trenton, NJ..... you are asleep at the wheel who ever you are. Sounds like you don't own a home or you would have the intelligence to understand. You are a renter who will probably move to another rental somewhere else. Elias will get his. He is not a Christian like he claims because he lies, lies, lies..... and there is proof of his lies. You don't know the half of it so keep your shallow opinion to yourself. End of story!

Bernie O'Hare said...

You need to move on and get a life. That's tge story. You just can't stand losing.

Unknown said...

Bernie, losing is fine when you LEGITIMATELY lose but not when it is through trickery or favors to people. Huggie, huggie Loupus.... he should use some diplomacy while being head of the ZHB. dumb di dum dum!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

You legitimately lost and the matter went up and down every court. At this point, it is sour grapes.